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8 Guide on Buying a Water Tank

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If you want to have a water tank on your property, there are many options available that you can choose from. The options are determined by the material and size of the tank. The tanks can either be lightweight plastic tanks that may only hold a few gallons to an oversized concrete tank that holds several thousand gallons. At Australian Poly Tanks, we will help you save money and help the environment by providing the highest quality water tanks.

At Australia Poly Tanks we have the perfect Poly Water Tanks Toowoomba has to offer. The tanks are made from superior material and beautifully crafted to complement your home both structurally and visually. There are a few things to consider when making a choice and get the water tank that fits your needs.


The material used in the making of the tank will directly affect other factors used to influence your decision. The material you select will primarily affect the amount of water you wish to store. For instance, in case you want to store large volumes of water, you will need to go for the concrete or steel tanks to enhance the strength and the bearing capacity of the tank. On the other hand, plastic tanks are ideal for domestic use rather than commercial.


There is a wide variety of tanks offered at Australian Poly Tanks that allow you to choose these tanks for your home. You can select a tank based on the space that you have and the number of people to be served. It is unreasonable to choose a massive tank, whereas you are squabbling with space in your home. Additionally, the capacity of the tank should depend on the number of people living in the home or the tenants in a commercial facility. For instance, a 10000-liter tank will be sufficient for a small community while a commercial facility will require numerous 10000-liter tanks to suffices for the needs of the tenants.


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The modern water tanks come with some level of sophistication that is aimed at improving the user’s experience. In that case, the tank may have other requirements such as plumbing for an inlet and outlet pipe. Other essential accessories may be liquid level indicators, roof access manways, and discharge nozzle. The manufacturer guide may include the notable features that should be included during the installation of the tank.


The price should be the first consideration, but considering that you may want to ensure you get value for your money, then there are many things to consider before price. Even after including the accessories, the cost of the tank should never go beyond your budget. You should not be left after so much pacing when doing shopping. You are always expected to carry something home after the hassle. Settle for a tank that would not strain your budget and would also satisfy your needs.


It will be sad to part with a considerable amount of money only to have to do it again within a short time. This is the case when we do not consider the durability of the tank. The weak tank will be wasteful and will serve you for a short period. Sometime it may be challenging to determine the longevity of the water tank. You can use customers’ reviews.


It is unrealistic to buy something that is not available in the first place. This occurs when you select the specifications of the tank, but you seem not to find a tank that satisfies your selection and needs. To make tank buying fun and easier, you should ensure that your specs are reasonable. You should also look far and wide to increase the possibility of getting the tank you desire.

Tank Location

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Your foundation will determine the tank you buy. Keep in mind that the loser your tank is to the downpipe, it will be cheaper and easier to install it after purchase. Evaluate the area around your house and note the location of your downpipe and determine which tank will be suitable.


The changes in the weather conditions may affect water supply and therefore if you want to increase your harvesting capacity in the future, then you will have to select a tank that will allow an increase in these needs. The bolted water tanks are ideal for expansion while the concrete tanks are not suitable for expansion.

Water tanks are vital as they may reduce your water bill and your reliance on metered connections. Before buying a tank, research the market for available choices and buy a tank that will satisfy your needs.

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