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7 Ways to Easily Upgrade the Look of Your Home

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7 Ways to Easily Upgrade the Look of Your Home


That old adage, ‘home is where the heart is’, is certainly true for those who enjoy home ownership. Having that special little corner that we can call our own has its share of enjoyment and challenges.

As the excitement and joy of living where we do wanes, there is a singular remedy, and it is to revive and renew our humble abodes. Turning something that has become drab and dull into something fresh and new has that unique invigorating quality about it.

Read and consider these simple and easy ways to improve your domicile.

PART I: Interior

Clean and Renew Flooring

Flooring, especially light-colored flooring, is often one of the first areas that need our renewal efforts. Our floors absorb the majority of wear and abuse inherent with day-to-day living, and they are often the first to show it.

Reviving them does not have to be that expensive either. Often a deep cleaning for carpeting or a thorough scrubbing and mop can bring back the new luster of tile and wood floors.

Of course, having new flooring and carpet installed is the ultimate flooring upgrade, finances permitting. This upgrade is not near as inconvenient and expensive as it once was.

Flooring companies always have competitive pricing or are willing to ‘make you a deal’ with some lines of their flooring. The convenience factor has also improved with many flooring companies guaranteeing same day installation.

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Cleaning Door Trim and New Paint

It is amazing how dirty the trim around doors, thresholds, baseboard and crown molding can get in a relatively short time.

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If you have children or elderly living with you, you can readily testify to this. Grabbing door frames as we enter and exit rooms builds up dirt and grease fairly quickly.

A quick cleaning with a disinfectant cleaner removes that built-up dirt and gives door frames that new look back again.

If your house is basically a converted gym with lots of physical activity, a freshly painted room just may be the ticket to restore its appearance.

New paint shades and techniques to make any particular color give new paint a whole new level of possibility for upgrading your house.

Change Window Dressings

Windows are our lenses to the outside grounds of our property. Often, our views can be influenced and enhanced by how we dress our windows.

Nowadays, every kind of shade, blind, curtain, drapery that can be imagined can be created. For some, new blinds or shades just may be the only quick, easy fix we need as an upgrade.

Have Upholstery Cleaned

Our seating and how it is arranged are usually the main focal points of any room. We pretty much put it where we want it and leave it. Changing the seating can give us an entirely new perspective on any room.

Upholstery has a sneaky way of getting dirty before we really notice just how dirty it is. Cleaning it is tricky. Upholstery fabric is just not as simple as cleaning practically any other household item.

The best solution is to call an upholstery company. These companies often offer additional services to complement their upholstery cleaning.

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Upholstery cleaning company, Carpestology, is one such service. They offer a comprehensive list of household cleaning they can help you with.

Their cleaning services can be previewed at this link, and it is worth a look.

Redecorate Entrance

Cleaning and redecorating old, worn entrances is another easy upgrade. Fresh front door paint can change the overall impression of the exterior and enhance curb appeal.

New Lighting

Lighting is another feature often taken for granted, but lighting can add newness to home interiors. New fixtures, brighter or dimmer lighting and even some colored lighting can help redecorate rooms.

PART II: Exterior

Clean Exterior and Roof

For a total house upgrade, do not neglect the exterior. After all, that is the first impression we get as we enter the driveway.

Exteriors are exposed to the elements, and they can deteriorate surprisingly quickly if not properly tended.

Maintaining them is as important as keeping the inside in great shape. Something as simple and inexpensive as washing the exterior can make the house like it has new paint.

Homes with light-colored shingles often develop stains. They appear in dark blotches or streaks, and they can dramatically accelerate shingle deterioration. Roofs can be cleaned and made to look new to completely upgrade your abode inside and out.

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