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7 Reasons Why You Need Carpet In Your Home

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7 Reasons Why You Need Carpet In Your Home

The market today offers almost everything including floor overlays and making a decision becomes more difficult when you see so many available options. Would you prefer a carpet or wood flooring? Some people may be skeptical about choosing carpet but this article will tell you the benefits of having carpet as your floor covering. Here are 7 reasons why you should call the carpet installers and put a carpet in your home.

  1. Trendy

Carpet has hundreds of patterns, cuts, and colors, that you can choose from. So if you want your house to be stylish, whether you like it to be sophisticated or just plain and simple, there are thousands of possibilities to achieve the style you love. It also has the ability to give the space a completely different vibe.

  1. Cozy

Obviously, a carpet is softer than hard flooring. So if you try curling up carpet feels good, soft, and easier on the feet due to its cushion. When you try to walk or stand on a carpet, you won’t feel much pain on your feet and even your body. On the other hand, hard flooring can make your feet sore and achy because of the absence of flexibility underfoot.

Not only is carpet comfortable but it also serves as a shock absorber. How many times have you experienced dropping your remote control, your mobile phone or even your glasses? You certainly get disappointed when you see them broke right before your eyes. But serious damage can be avoided when you have carpets in your home.

  1. Insulation

Carpet has R-value compared to hard flooring. R-value is a term used to describe the thermal resistance of a carpet or in simple terms the insulating value. According to the tests carried out at the Johns Manville Technical Center Thermal Labs‚ one of the most sophisticated laboratories of its kind in the world‚ carpet and pad significantly increase R–value compared to other flooring materials.

There are times we try not to use too much air conditioning or heater just to save electricity especially in colder regions of the country. Carpet can definitely support you with your saving project. It keeps your home warmer and can also help stabilize the room temperature, preventing it to be too cold or too hot.

  1. Wellness
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Many believe that carpet is not good for your health. There is a common misconception that carpet heightens the risk of asthma or allergies. For years, they were advised to eliminate carpets and change it to hard surface flooring instead. However, studies found that smooth flooring increased the risk of fine dust load in indoor spaces versus rooms with fitted carpets. How is that possible? The carpet has the capability to trap these allergens, dust particles and other contaminants until they can be properly removed.

  1. Serenity

Who wouldn’t love a quiet home? Reducing the disturbing impact noise carried through the floor and walls is one of the main features of carpet. It diminishes sound reverberation and absorbs ten times more airborne sound than any other flooring material thus giving you a calmer feeling. In case you want to throw a party, carpet will also help you enjoy and lessen the chances of disturbing your grumpy neighbors who will surely be knocking at your door.

  1. Security

With a carpeted flooring, peace of mind is possible even if you have a crawling infant or a toddler who is learning how to walk. We know that kids are prone to stumbling and falling but there will be less scratch and bruises on a soft carpet compared to a wood flooring.

Carpet is beneficial not just for children but for adults and elderlies as well. Older people with mobility issues will feel safer because of the low chances of slipping. In case sliding accident happens, the risk of fractures is notably lower especially if you have a much thicker carpet.

  1. Economical
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Carpet on an average is remarkably cheaper than hardwood flooring. Aside from that, carpet installation is quicker and easier. It can be rolled and stretched into place. This gives some extent of flexibility to the project because only the edges of the carpet need to be cut and secured, which helps installation go faster as compared to hardwood floors where each board must be put down individually rather than in large sheet-like carpeting.

Yes, these are the advantages of having carpet in your home. Keep in mind that carpets can last long if you take care of it. Regular cleaning is a commitment but if your time and energy do not allow you to, you can always opt for professional help. What are you waiting for? Call the carpet installers now so you and your family can experience the comfort that carpet can bring.

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