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7 Essential Tips for Making Moving Easier

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7 Essential Tips for Making Moving Easier

In a single year, 327,523 Australians moved from one state or territory to another. Whether you’re headed down the road or across the country, moving still feels like a tedious process.

Fortunately, a few simple tips can simplify your next big move.

Making moving easier couldn’t get easier. With these seven tips, you can relocate without bringing stress along for the ride. So grab a box, some tape, and get packing!

It’s time to get a move on.

1. Declutter & Donate

Instead of taking everything you own with you, make moving easy by decluttering your life.

Look through your belongings. As you start packing, toss anything that doesn’t make you happy. Instead of clinging onto every possession, declutter.

Put these discarded items into two piles: items you can toss out, and items you can donate.

Limiting the number of items you pack is one way of making moving easier. Instead of dozens of boxes, you can pack only what you consider worth keeping.

As an added bonus, you’re also helping someone else!

Who knows what items you can donate that could help a family in need. You can even schedule someone to pick these items up for you. That way, you’re making a difference in someone else’s life and making moving easy on yourself, too.

2. Make a Plan

Try to start packing as soon as possible, little by little. This will help you determine how many boxes you’ll need to move once the big day arrives. Having an accurate estimate can also help if you’re hiring a moving company.

As you start packing, label every box. List what’s inside the box on the side and top. This list will make moving easier before, during, and after moving day.

If you need to find one item among a dozen boxes, you can check the labels to find it.

You can also number these boxes, then make lists of what’s in each numbered box. These tips for making moving easier can simply your life and lower moving-related stress.

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Before moving day, save boxes from deliveries or see if your local grocery store has boxes to spare. The smallest preparations beforehand can simplify the entire moving process going forward.

During this stage of the process, make a plan. Determine how many boxes you’re moving, how you’re transporting them, and who you need to contact.

List everything in a document and stay organized. If any last-minute problems arise, you’ll have less on your plate come moving day, making it easier to handle these surprises.

3. Rent Room

Sometimes, a move is for the short-term. Instead of trying to carry everything you own with you, consider renting out space.

There are small pods available at reasonable prices where you can temporarily house your belongings. You can have these pods delivered, fill them up, then have the company retrieve it.

By making moving easier with these short-term storage spaces, you can focus on what you need, when you need it.

4. Request Some Help

There’s no reason to take on an entire move alone. Instead, consider hiring professionals to do the heavy lifting for you (literally).

A professional company can help you move boxes and heavy pieces of furniture. If you’re not accustomed to driving huge moving trucks, they can haul it all for you.

Hiring a professional company can make moving easy and take some of the weight off of your shoulders.

You can get a quote from a team of professionals today to schedule your next move.

If anything changes, make sure to keep your movers informed. Let them know about any heavy items, such as a piano or pool table. This is a great time to inform them of limitations, too, such as the lack of an elevator.

By keeping your moving team informed, you can all plan ahead for an easier move.

5. Know What’s Expected

According to Census data, 16.7% of Australians moved in a single year. If you’ve moved before, you know what to expect. Otherwise, it helps to check ahead.

Before moving out, talk to your landlord about their expectations. They might have also listed a moving day to-do list along with your lease.

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These expectations can include thoroughly cleaning the apartment, removing nails from the walls, and filling holes ahead of wall painters.

Review this list before moving day. Instead of getting caught up with last-minute responsibilities, you can handle these tasks ahead of time, making moving easier the day of.

Once you’ve taken care of these responsibilities, schedule a walk-through with your landlord. That way, you can ask questions and determine how much of your deposit you’ll receive back.

Some cities have rules about when landlords are expected to return deposits. Ask before you leave. Otherwise, you might not have time to hunt down the right person by phone after you move.

6. Change Your Address

Don’t forget to change your address! Otherwise, you might find your mail (and packages) are ending up at the wrong location.

Notify any other important contacts of your move as well. That includes a list of utilities and companies for your existing and new home.

Make an appointment to get your internet installed, too! Sometimes, it can take weeks (if not months) to get a technician to stop by. Planning these steps ahead of time can make moving easy and stress-free.

7. Remain Realistic

Throughout the entire moving process, make sure you maintain realistic expectations.

Chances are, the move will take longer than you expect. Even with these tips for making moving easier, surprises pop up. It’s part of the process.

Remaining realistic can help you react to these last-minute changes. Maybe you run out of boxes at the last minute or forget to turn the utilities on at your new place. Either way, maintaining realistic expectations can keep you calm throughout the move.

It’s Time to Make a Move: 7 Tips for Making Moving Easier

Start writing up that to-do list! With these seven tips for making moving easier, you’re already halfway through the prep. Now you just need to grab those boxes and get packing!

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