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5 Tips for Using a Drain Snake for the First Time

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5 Tips for Using a Drain Snake for the First Time

Drains aren’t toilets, but people treat them like it sometimes. They wash everything from old grease to food bits down the drain. The end result is a clogged drain.

But, there’s hope! A simple drain snake can get fluids flushing down easy through drains in no time.

Drains snakes are simple alternatives to pouring homemade concoctions down the drain. They help with tough blockages that liquids can’t tackle. And, they’re chemical-free.

So, no loud smells or itchy hands from handling chemical drain cleaners.

If you’re looking for a powerful tool to help you attack clogged drains, read this. Here is how to use a drain snake if you’re a beginner and need guidance.

Position the Drain Snake

Align the snake as close to the drain as possible. If there’s any slack you’ll find difficulty controlling the snake.

You’ll have to play with it a little at first to get comfortable and get a good grip. Keep in mind the immediate goal is to avoid getting the cabled tangled up.

Start Pushing

Once you’ve positioned the snake and have a good grip, start pushing. Use stern force and push the snake into the opening of the drain.

Without losing your clutch on the snake, start turning the handle. You’ll feel the auger making its way down the drain. This takes work, so don’t expect to quit at this point.

Continue Pushing

Some people let go of the snake when they feel the auger journeying down the drain. Keeping using your muscles.

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Continues pushing the snake until you feel resistance. To get it to bend around the curve under the sink, apply more pressure. Once you get past the curve, you should feel the snake slip freely until you hit the clog.

Removing the Clog

Here’s where it gets a little tricky. You don’t know what type of clog you have, so you’ll have to feel as you spin.

Start rotating the snake against the clogged material.

The tip of the snake should attach itself to the clog and starting chopping into it. If the clog doesn’t break up, there’s a great possibility it’s a solid object. If you keep rotating the snake, the object will get tangled up in the auger head.

You should feel a stopping point when this happens. Pull the snake out and the clog should come out with it.

Rinse the Drain

To make sure you’ve cleared the drain, run the water on high. Rinsing the drain after you snake it determines if you need to go in one more time or not.

If the water doesn’t fill the sink but runs freely down the drain, you snaked it right the first time. Whatever’s left of the clog should flush right through.

Use a Snake for Your Drain

Modern or old, every house suffers a clog in a drain once in a while. As long as someone’s living in the home, it’s bound to happen.

But by using a good drain snake, you can clear out a clog and get your water flowing again.

Want more home tips like this? Check out our lifestyle guide for more ways to survive on the home front.

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