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5 Small Living Room Ideas to Make Your Space Seem Bigger

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5 Small Living Room Ideas to Make Your Space Seem Bigger

Small living rooms can be challenging to design and place furniture especially if you’re living in a studio apartment or a tiny home.

However, the good news is you don’t have to feel all this pressure. You can make a small living room seem bigger than it is with the right decor.

Keep reading to learn some small living room ideas you can use to make your space seem bigger.

1. Use Wallpaper and Mirrors

A small living room with few windows can make you feel a bit boxed in. A smart way to expand your space is to use bright colored wallpaper. It adds depth and warmth to the space and gives you the illusion of a bigger living room.

You can also place mirrors directly across your window so that it reflects the outside view. This gives you the impression of having an extra window.

It’s also a quick way of adding natural lighting to your living room.

2. Downsize Your Sofa

If your living room is too small, a full-size sofa won’t do. Use a smaller sofa like a slimmed-down love seat.

It’s important that you go for one with exposed legs and has clean lines. This will give you an airy look. You can check out some unique sofas for small living rooms at Matt Blatt.

3. Add Some Plants and Wall Paintings

Plants are a fun way to add depth to your small living room. When you place them in the corners, the lush greenery tricks the mind into thinking there is more space.

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You can also place them behind the sofas or the chairs.

You can use large-sized wall paintings or framed pictures to expand your walls. They give the illusion that your walls are more extensive than their actual size. They also add a character and a mood to your living room.

4. Use Multifunctional Furniture

Having a small living room means that you have limited space to store some of your items. One clever way to create more space is by using multifunctional furniture.

For instance, you can have a coffee table that serves as storage for your books and other items.

Alternatively, if your living room cannot fit large sofas, you can use a convertible sofa which can be used as a bed when you have extra guests.

5. Get Creative with Your Layout

Does your living room layout feel a bit clattered and congested? Maybe it’s time to rearrange it and shake it up a bit.

There are no rules to how creative you can get. You can use decorative mirrors, a new chandelier, or even colorful curtains.

Try new seating arrangements by changing the position of your sofa and coffee table. You can also add a piece of unique furniture that won’t take much space, for instance, a swing chair.

Is the artwork in your living room easily noticed? You need to bring it up to trick the eye hence accentuating the height or the length of your living room.

You Don’t Need New Furniture for Your Small Living Room Ideas

You don’t need to invest in new furniture for your small living room ideas. You can be creative with what you have and make the most out of it.

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