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5 Obvious Signs Your Fridge Troubleshooting

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One of the most important appliances in your home is fridge, as it is essential to keep your food fresh all the time. However, as a complex machine, sometimes your fridge can be broken or not working properly without you realize. In this article, we would like to share some signs of broken fridge.


Noisy Fridge

If your fridge makes loud and strange noise, perhaps it is caused of a buildup of ice, a bad fan motor or blade, or a noisy condenser. Having someone to check it as soon as possible is the best thing you can do before it will get worse.


No Water Coming Out of the Dispenser

The latest fridges nowadays have been equipped with a water dispenser. You can press the button easily to get ice cool water. However, the water dispenser on older fridges can also be broken. It can collect debris and contaminate your water, so it is necessary to replace the water filter regularly. If your fridge doesn’t have the sensor to let you know when it needs cleaning, then you need a regular maintenance to prevent your water filter from clogging.


Fridge Constantly Running or Cycling

Fridge is one of the most power-consuming appliances, and it can make your electricity bill rocketing when it runs more than it should. In this case, your fridge might just need a clean-up with a good and thorough vacuum. If the problem is worse, probably you will need an expert to clean the condenser coils.


Warm Fridge

When you open your fridge and notice some fungus on your food or it’s a bit smelly, it could be a sign that the fridge’s cooling system doesn’t work perfectly. If checking and adjusting the temperature setting can fix the problem, then you don’t need to worry about anything. However, if you have tried to adjust the temperature but it’s still warm, perhaps you will need a help from the expert. They might help you to clean the coils or replace the fridge seals. Broken fridge seals may cause the warm air in and mess your cooling power. In case your problem is not related with seal or condenser coils, then probably you have a serious problem with the motor.

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Fridge Water Leaks

It is not a good signal when you find out the water pooling under your fridge. Although it’s hard to deal with, mostly it can be fixed easily. Water leakage itself can be caused of a blocked defrost drain or a clogged water line. Once debris clog up the hose, the ice will build up and cause water leakage of the freezer.


Replace or Repair It, Which One Is the Best?

For the problems like we have mentioned above, it’s still possible for you to do reparation with the help from appliance repair expert. However, there might be some critical issues as well that may lead you to consider replacement as the best answer. So, whether you need to repair or replace, it is essential for you to find the best solution as soon as possible to prevent the older fridges from consuming your electricity too much.

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