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5 Key Reasons Why You Should Use Propane in Your Home

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5 Key Reasons Why You Should Use Propane in Your Home

Gone are the days when the smell of charcoal dominated the neighborhood air on summer afternoons. The magic of propane cooking quickly took hold in the 1970s and still offers many benefits today.

Propane, however, offers more than just the option to fire up a grill in seconds. Using propane in your home comes with five major benefits that will take your appreciation of this high energy source to the next level.

1. High Energy

Electricity builds energy gradually while propane offers high energy from the moment you turn it on. A hot water tank heats up in under 30 minutes using propane while it can take an hour or longer using electricity.

This is because propane is a high energy alternative with an octane level higher than gasoline. A liquified petroleum gas, propane delivers consistent high heat allowing it to outperform other safe energy sources.

2. Improves Air Quality

Propane is a clean energy source in addition to being powerful. Propane is considered clean to use because of its low carbon content.

Using propane as a replacement for traditional energy sources in your home can help reduce harmful emissions into the environment.

3. Relatively Inexpensive

High energy sources like propane are best to use in your home during the winter months when the additional minutes, or hours, it takes to heat your home makes all the difference in energy costs.

Less effective energy sources take longer which means the heat must also run on a higher power setting longer. For example, propane water heaters can be smaller than electric water heaters because there is heat available on demand.

Propane heat is around 115 degrees which offers more than enough power to quickly heat water or create a comfortable temperature faster allowing you to avoid using full power on your appliances.

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Running at less than full power means less maintenance on your appliances over time. It also means propane-run appliances tend to last longer.

4. Plentiful

While natural gases have a finite source, combining natural gas and crude oil means stretching the longevity of propane. Propane is a combination of crude oil and natural gas giving it more versatility than conventional gases.

5. Reliable

When using electricity during a storm we are at the mercy of the power grid to remain stable. Propane-run appliances still work during an electrical emergency making them more dependable than other energy sources.

This is critical for families in more extreme climates where cold temperatures can quickly become unsafe during a power outage. Having a full propane tank means having access to heat longer without the high cost of a generator.

Contact your propane supplier for back up tanks that can be stored long term in case of an emergency.

Propane in Your Home

Propane is a reliable, clean energy source that can change the way you look at cooking, heat, and water heaters in your home. An odorless gas, propane offers a simple alternative to conventional fuels with few setbacks.

Opt to reduce greenhouse gases and save on your energy bill by switching to propane. There are a variety of propane-based appliances available to help you get started. For tips on getting started, check back for more information soon.

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