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5 Essential Tips for Decluttering Your Home

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5 Essential Tips for Decluttering Your Home

You may be enticed by the idea of living a simplified, uncluttered life, but putting thoughts into action is a whole other ball game.

Downscaling your life is no easy feat, especially if you have more than one child and a home packed with furniture, clothes, toys and more. And let’s not forget all the wonderful memories that are often attached to these material things.

But, this blog is here to help with five tips for decluttering your home, with slow and steady being the name of the game!

Living Simply: Tips For Decluttering Your Home

Let’s consider the benefits of owning fewer possessions. There’s less to clean, less to organize, less to insure, less to stress about and pay off.

All in all, owning less means stressing less. But this is often easier said than done in the world of consumerism we live in today.

However, it is possible to declutter your life, you just need to set yourself some realistic goals and start slow. Diving headfirst into a large task like decluttering your home can feel incredibly overwhelming at first, but here’s how to start:

1. Rent a Dumpster

First thing’s first, you’re going to need a place to store all the unwanted items in your home. If you know you have a heap of stuff that is just not salvageable or worth donating, a dumpster is going to be your best option.

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A dumpster is also great for larger household items you’re looking to get rid of, such as old furniture. Check out https://samedayrubbishremoval.com.au/ for expert assistance on your decluttering journey.

2. Commit to Donating One Item a Day 

This is a great example of starting off with ”baby steps” in your decluttering. Make a commitment to yourself to find something in your home worth donating every single day of the week.

Whether it’s an item of clothing, a pair of shoes, a child’s toy or crockery make sure each item is worth donating. If possible, remove the item from your home and donate right away. Or place in a specific donations box to donate at a later stage.

3. Fill Up a Trash Bag a Week 

When you’re just starting out on your decluttering journey, one of the easiest ways to get going is to grab a trash bag and do a walk around your property.

Add whatever can fit into the trash bag that’s not being used and choose to either donate it or throw it out completely. Commit to doing this task just once a week and watch your space simplify!

4. Implement the Closet Hanger Experiment

Made famous by none other than Oprah Winfrey, this closet hanger experiment is great for decluttering your wardrobe.

It’s simple: hang all your clothes on hangers in reverse direction. After you’ve worn an item, replace it on the hanger and turn it to face the opposite direction.  This way you can decipher what you wear the most, and what’s simply decluttering your closet!

The same experiment can be applied to other areas of your home, too. Use it in your pantry, cleaning cupboard, linen cupboard, tool shed and with children’s toys.

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5. Give the Four-Box Method a Go 

Another great way to kick off your home decluttering is with the four-box method. Simply label four boxes of the same size: trash, donate, keep or relocate.

Work one room at a time and place each item in every room into one of the four categories. This is a cut-throat way of determining what you really need in each room of your home.

Don’t rush this process either. If you need to go through one room per week, then do what works best for you.

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With these tips for decluttering in your back pocket, learn more about managing your home and lifestyle with us.

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