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5 Unique and Useful Gifts for the Holidays

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useful gifts for the holidays

Want to get some of your favorite people in the world a cute gift for the holiday season? Want to stay away from the same old tired tropes? But what if you’re out of ideas? It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by all the holiday ads. No fear, we have found several unique and useful gifts for your loved ones this holiday season! 

Mini Humidifier 

It is so incredibly dry during the winter seasons. Why not show a loved one you care with the cutest humidifier? Small, portable, easy to transport and use–find an adorable, stylish humidifier to show your loved one you care about their skin, health, and overall well-being. It’s easy to find one that’s relatively cheap. They can store these at their office, their living rooms, their bedrooms, or anywhere else they might be! The mini humidifiers are that cute and that easy to use. 

Screen Protector 

Have a loved one who keeps breaking their phone (let’s be real, we ALL have one)? Why not help them invest in a phone protection kit? A screen protector is a practical, easy way to show your loved one you care about them. It helps protect their several hundred-dollar phones and comes in a neat variety of clean, cool styles. There are phone cases available for all kinds of phones–just make sure you’re purchasing the right one! 

Air Fryer

What’s all the rage these days? An air fryer. An air fryer can cook multiple kinds of things in a super quick amount of time. Air fryers are compact and can be used in pretty much any-sized kitchen. Furthermore, it’s a wonderful way to cook multiple foods, especially for your loved one that happens to be a very busy bee. An air fryer cooks whatever meals you’re interested in making–in fact, there are several sources online that teach you how to make certain recipes with your air fryer. 

A Symbolic Wombat

Hear me out here. Through World Wildlife Fund, you can purchase a wombat stuffed animal and adoption kit, and have the proceeds go towards actually helping and caring for wild animals! 84 percent of WWF’s spendings goes towards worldwide conservation activities, so you know your money is actually going towards helping animals and nature in need. 

Custom Face Socks

Want to be sure your loved one never forgets your existence? Why not purchase Custom Face Socks? Lots of online stores allow you to print photographs on socks. Use a photograph of your smiling (or frowning!) face, and have it repeated as a pattern over a pair of socks for your loved one. It’s a relatively inexpensive gag, will keep your loved one’s feet warm, and is sure to be an absolute hoot! Every time your loved one looks down at their feet, they can be reminded of your love. 

These are just a few ideas for fun holiday gifts. You don’t have to be bland with the same old same old. Rather, get unique, useful gifts for your friends and family that they will use frequently in the years to come! 

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