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Get Out Of Your Rut By Becoming A Massage Therapist!

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Get Out Of Your Rut By Becoming A Massage Therapist!

Do you feel like your career lacks purpose and a sense of fulfillment? Maybe you’re working the job you spent years studying for, or maybe you’ve just wound up in a position that helps you pay the bills and nothing more. A satisfying career is about so much more than money; being unhappy with your job can make you feel miserable in your personal life, too.

Without a sense of purpose, you might feel like everything you’re doing during the day is a waste of time. If you want to make a difference in people’s lives and feel like you’re genuinely making a positive impact every day, consider becoming a massage therapist!

What Does a Professional Massage Therapist Do?

Massage therapists are trained and licensed to give people a variety of different massages; they may run their own private practice or work for a salon or resort. A massage therapist brings comfort and restoration to people who feel tired and drained; you may even want to specialize in therapeutic massages, which can help people manage the symptoms of different medical conditions that cause them physical discomfort.

Whatever you choose to do, being a massage therapist can be a flexible, fulfilling career that you make for yourself. It all starts with the right education.

How to Become a Massage Therapist

In order to work as a professional massage therapist, you must complete a certified training and education program as well as obtain a massage therapist license. There are tons of different types of massage therapies and treatments you can learn about and specialize in. Different types of massages may require additional on-the-job training.

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The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) has a directory to help you find massage therapy and bodywork schools near you.

Once you’ve completed training, you will have to apply for a massage therapist license in your state. The only states that do not require licenses to practice are Alaska, Kansas, Montana, and Oklahoma.

Starting Your Own Massage Therapy Business

You may want to open your own massage business. If so, you’ll need to learn about your state’s small business requirements. You should also register with the Associated Bodywork Massage Professionals. This organization offers members plenty of information about how to get certified and obtain a massage business license in their respective state.

You might find it more beneficial to find work as a massage therapist at an established business before you try to open your own. This can give you valuable on-the-job experience as well as credentials that will help you attract clientele in the future.

Opening Your Private Massage Practice

Once you decide to start your own massage practice, you’ll need to obtain liability insurance. If a person is injured on your property or hurt during a massage, they will be able to sue you for medical costs and compensation. Without any liability coverage, you’ll be responsible for paying for everything yourself.

The best way to protect your business and reputation is to have quality liability insurance for massage therapists. You can research the different types of liability insurance options by clicking here. You’ll also need to provide proper health insurance coverage for yourself as a self-employed person. Failure to do so could result in a tax penalty.

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Find the Right Location

If you want to work for a business as a massage therapist, then you should check local spas and massage therapy businesses near you. If you want to open your own massage therapy business, then you’ll have to decide whether you plan to rent your own office or run your business out of your home.

Many people feel more comfortable going to an actual business location, so it could be more beneficial to your success if you rent a small studio to give your massages. You may even decide to team-up with other massage therapists and split the costs of your rental space once your business begins to grow.

Being a massage therapist is a rewarding career that offers plenty of flexibility and opportunity for growth. You can work at a spa, apply to be a massage therapist at a luxury resort or hotel or open your own business later on. Whatever you decide, the path to becoming a massage therapist all starts with the proper education and training. Right from the start, you’ll be able to see what an impact massage therapy has on people’s lives and how you can make a difference, too.

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