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Get More Color in Your Life

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Get More Color in Your Life

There are actually a couple ways you can take this statement. But for the sake of your overall health, it is in regard to your physical color and the color of the food you eat. All and all, what you are about to learn are some biohacks.

Are you familiar with these? Simply put, there are some secrets floating around out there in the universe that you might not know about, but should. They are things you can do to improve your health on multiple levels that take a little bit of going beyond your comfort zone.

But, that shouldn’t be a major problem for you. When you get HGH injections, you can stake a claim that that alone is going beyond your comfort zone. Or simply visiting an anti aging clinic might be beyond your comfort zone.

Either way you slice it, the HGH dosage you were prescribed can take you a lot farther if you add more color to your daily regimen. Let’s address this a little more in detail.

The Sun

People seem to do everything in their power to dodge the sun and hide from it. But why? Is it because you’ve been told to believe all these years that it is hazardous and poisonous?

Is it because you’ve been farmed to believe that you need to slather on a million SPF sunblock every time you step outside? Or is it because you watched an episode of The Doctors and they told you to avoid it?

Well, in reality, you should always play the tape to the end and make sure you know the facts. And guess what? The facts are very different than the stories you hear out on the streets.

Have you ever heard of vitamin D? This is a very important vitamin for immunity, longevity, strong bones, muscle growth and most importantly, HGH and testosterone production.

It is also helpful with the absorption of calcium, which is why the experts tell you to drink your milk. Often times, this substance is fortified with vitamin D to make the process nice and convenient for you.

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But, there is a big red flag. Unless you get a good organic milk, you are subject to consuming recombinant bovine growth hormone and antibiotics, which are blasted into the cows where the milk comes from.

These substances are not healthy for the animals or you when you consume them. So it’s a catch-22.

The solution is to take off your shirt, put on a pair of shorts and lie in the sun for about 30 minutes on each side of your body every day. In fact, the best-case scenario is to get as much sun exposure as possible.

If you live in a private area and can do it naked, go for it! Just don’t burn your pecker off. Your wife will never forgive you.

By exposing yourself to the sun, your body goes into a process where you release a high amount of vitamin D. Since vitamin D is a precursor to testosterone, your levels instantly increase after about an hour of exposure.

And there is no need to use a powerful sunblock. You won’t be out there long enough for the sun to harm you.

The end result is, you’ll get a boost in t-levels and get more color. If you ever went outside in the summer and did some labor-intensive work, you can clearly see how you look and feel more vascular. That’s proof in the pudding that this theory is spot on.

Food Choices

Ok, this is more of a general health association. Not so much a boosting of HGH or testosterone. When you are told to eat the colors of the rainbow, take that advice to heart.

Foods off all colors have magical powers. Especially the reds, blues, purples, greens, blacks, oranges and yellows. When in doubt, just simply add foods to your diet that have these color schemes.

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They are uber high in antioxidants, which play a big role in your immune function. Plus, they are usually high in hydration, fiber and a host of vitamins and minerals. An easy way to get these colors into your diet is by making a big old, whopping salad.

Include a base with romaine hearts, baby spinach and other greens, then add red, orange and yellow bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, blueberries and a hunk of salmon.

Top it off with some olive oil and you have yourself a tremendous meal that can get your insides in tip top shape.

And FYI, olive oil has two good purposes here. First of all, it helps boost HGH levels. Secondly, it helps break down the carotenoids in blueberries and tomatoes in your system.

Go Organic

There are still skeptics out there who feel there is no difference between organic and conventional food. But don’t be one of them. If optimal health is your primary concern, then go the distance and choose organic.

At the very least, you can feel comfortable knowing that there is no glyphosate being sprayed all over your produce. You don’t want that nasty stuff in your system because it can quickly wreck everything in sight.

And if you are unfamiliar with this, it’s a weed killer that gets dowsed all over conventional crops.

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Closing up Shop

If you look at things from a small perspective, you really don’t need to get that fancy with your life. All you have to do is focus on two little biohacks. Get your white buns exposed to the sun and eat a colorful diet.

It’s not really that complicated. But humans do like to make things complicated for some strange reason. If you are not one of those, then fire up the discipline to follow the sunlight and eat more salads.

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