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Fun stuff to do in Amsterdam

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This is your guide for all you need to understand in Amsterdam to have fun. And there’s more to it than just cycling around, touring the red-light district and chartering a canal boat.


  1. Hunting art on the street

The creative city of Hunting Street Art Amsterdam! Go to the Spuistraat Street and region for some street art hunting. I’m not speaking about graffiti alone.

It has a lot more to it.

Look at the design of the motorcycles, small public libraries, and other small objects. Simply hold the eyes open.

You can join an alternative trip as well.

The tour is 2 hours long and costs only € 14 per individual.

The trip is about subcultures, Amsterdam’s secret lives such as drugs and prostitution, street art, and much more.


  1. Make yourself a local (Secrets)

We’re bored by traveler guides personally, but we can use online travel guide websites like www.touristsecrets.com That’s why we’re sharing with you our best-kept secrets for various locations around the globe.

Lovely hidden café straight on the canals a restaurant for exquisite breakfast, lunch & dinner city park to hang out with local fashion, design, art: this concept shop will be your Lil heaven!

Avoid the heat and party with local people and expats–it’s a must!


  1. SWING on the highest swing in Europe

What do you understand? It doesn’t involve a large reason for this pleasant thing to do in Amsterdam.

It just requires a great WOW!

You can walk seriously on the greatest swing in Europe; above the brink. At nearly 100 meters height, you’ll be strapped to a swing on the brink. Look through the clip below.

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You have the greatest perspective of all of Amsterdam on top of that. Since the town is quite flat, which means that there are not many large buildings, so many attractions can be identified.

There is more to it. The swing is above the A’DAM Tower.

Here you enjoy a 360 ° sky deck; it’s worth it, whether you’re hopping on the swing or not.

Price: Tiqets prices start at € 18.50. Get Your Guide ticket is € 19.50 and contains two beverags.


  1. Hard and clever party

It’s no secret to have a vibrant nightlife in Amsterdam. Clubs and bars are endless to go wild.

If you’re planning to discover the true nightlife, we’ve discovered a way to save cash and enjoy the coolest clubs in the city!

The Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket provides access to 25 + top clubs for 2 days, nightlife experiences and drinks for just € 10 (£ 8.90).


  1. Get drunk in a Crawl pub

Yes, that’s Amsterdam. This also implies a party and nightlife. You can join a lot of distinct Pub Crawls and even red-light neighborhood tours – this is what we come to later.

One thing: I’m not your mom, please drink responsibly. However, you’re old enough, right?!

How can you get around Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a town that can be really walked. Yet you have nearly every transportation choice you can imagine.

Tram Bus Boats even ferry My best suggestion is the Public Transport Ticket to get around Amsterdam quickly and easily.

Experience Amsterdam stress-free for all public transport networks with an unlimited travel card. Buy a ticket that best suits your plans–valid for a day or a ticket for several days.

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  1. Rijksmuseum

You have a lot of museums in Amsterdam. The highlights to me are:

  1. Rijksmuseum
  2. Van Gogh Museum
  3. Anne Frank House

You can admire more than 400 masterpieces by great artists like Jan Steen, Frans Hals, Vermeer and, of course, Rembrandt at the Rijksmuseum.

See the buildings of the lovely doll, a wealth of silverware, and more.

Admire one of the most popular Dutch Golden Age paintings: Watch the night and not only be struck by its size (it is 363 cm x 437 cm= 11.91 ft x 14.34 ft).


  1. Escape Room (with storytelling)

Have you ever heard of space in Escape?

An escape room is a space full of puzzles and riddles.

Here’s how we got a blast in Prague’s Escape Room.

You and your friends must solve the puzzle, discover the answer and the key to escape from the door. For a rainy day and outside the box, it’s a perfect activity.

Locked Amsterdam is the coolest escape space in Amsterdam.

The back of the room is easy: the Russian submarineK-129 in the North Pacific Ocean mysteriously vanished 20 years earlier. A reporter studying the event suddenly disappears and the situation becomes severe.

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