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Everything About Bolivia: Facts That Should Interest You

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Everything About Bolivia

When you want to learn new things, there is no limitation to it. Your drive to gain wisdom and to explore the world will always stand out. There is nothing great than being curious about stuff because it’s the reason why you keep on evolving and gain knowledge. If the experience that you have right now doesn’t satisfy you, then there’s always room for improvement, and that should start with yourself. If you are passionate about new things, there are no boundaries about the things that you want to learn.

Within the deep forests of South America, there lies a great paradise called Bolivia. If you can visit this place, you can see that is has a rich culture and unique landmarks. While you might only know the name Bolivia, there are many surprising facts that you can learn about this beautiful place. Learn everything that makes Bolivia stand out with the facts about this country. Aside from the list in this article, you can also check out more exciting and fun bolivia facts.

Bolivia Shares With Brazil Its East and North Border

Paraguay is in its southeast, Argentina to the south, Chile to the southwest-west, and Peru to the northwest. The border of Bolivia with Peru connects via the Lake Titicaca that lies in Bolivia’s one of three central geographic regions. These regions cover the high plateau or altiplano in the west. And also, the lowlands of tropical at the east, and the temperate and semitropical Yungas regions and valleys in the central.

The altiplano that covers more than 104 thousand kilometers squared areas are enclosed by a couple of parallel ranges in the Andres mountains. The feature that stands out in the altiplano is Lake Titicaca, which has the highest water body on the planet that people can navigate. Bolivia is also among the only countries with landlocked in this planet that has a navy. Lake Titicaca supports the fishing of local industries, which they have local fish species like the Ispi and Karachi.

The Native Dolphins in Bolivia are Pink Dolphins

These dolphins are also known as Bolivian Bufeo, and they live in the Amazon. These species are also declared to be Bolivia’s Natural Heritage. The Bufeos or river dolphins are myth creatures, but it is guaranteed that you can see one in the river cruise of Bolivia’s Amazon basin edge in the wetlands of north-eastern. These dolphins can only live in freshwater.

People can find Pink dolphins throughout the Orinoco and Amazon river basin in Venezuela, Peru, Guyana, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, and Bolivia. It’s an abundant relative freshwater cetacean with a population of thousands. However, they are classified to be vulnerable in specific areas because of the dams that threaten and fragment their population.

Bolivia has Official Languages of 37

The Bolivian language includes Spanish and other 36 words that are indigenous. Before the constitution in 2009, only Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara were recognized officially. The country’s language includes Spanish, dozens of indigenous languages, and most prominently Tupi Guaraní, Chiquitano, Quechua, and Aymara.

Spanish and indigenous languages are their proper way to communicate with each other. Their constitution also says that each of their indigenous languages is official, listing thirty-six specific languages, which some of them are extinct. Quechua and Spanish are mainly spoken in the region of Andres; Aymara is what people talk in Altiplano within Lake Titicaca. People also speak Chiquitano in Santa Cruz’s central part.


Bolivia is a beautiful country with rich culture and landmarks. There are also more things that you might want to know about this country so that you can appreciate its culture. You can always search for more things that Bolivia can offer.

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