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Dust Collector Maintenance Checklist

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Nowadays healthy environment is expected by all the workers who work in the industries and in order to create a healthy work environment for the employees, an industry should first try to give them pollution free air quality in the worksite. The dust collector is popularly known as a pollution control system which captures airborne un-purified particles from the air stream.

With increasing global awareness, companies are bound to properly install and design the dust collector system and operate them smoothly.

For smooth functioning of dust collector, it is better to do physical verification at regular intervals and if you find any damages you should immediately get it repaired by the technician. In this article, you will read about the procedures used to maintain the dust collector to ensure that their performance will be increased.

The Procedures Used to Maintain the Dust Collector

#1. Periodic Inspections Program:

You have to make an inspection program which should contain a schedule for regular inspections in which your technician will check the dust collector on a regular basis like daily, weekly, fortnight, monthly, half yearly and yearly basis. If you will not follow this procedure, then it can degrade the performance of your dust collector and it will not meet the emissions standards.

#2. Requirements for pressure drop:

You should not exceed the pressure drop which is recommended by the manufacturers. You should check the filters on a regular basis to ensure that amount of the dust that has been collected on the filter is monitored regularly and pressure drop help in this process by measuring water levels. You should change your filter when needed but make sure the new filter that you are going to use has the low-pressure drop. Before the cleaning of the filter, the dust collector provides the highest efficiency. But you should be aware that very high-pressure can damage your filter and that is why it is not recommended to exceed the pressure drop.

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Dust Collector

#3. Cleaning system Functions:

There are different types of cleaning systems available which can be used to melt the dust particles from the filter. These types of cleaning systems contain pulse clean and reverse air with them. Your cleaning system should be effective enough to remove the dust from begs otherwise it will continue to stick on them. The volume of ventilation air will be decreased by the cleaning system at the pickup points.

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#4. Checking of Visible Emissions:

You should keep looking for un-purified dust particles that can be seen from the exhaust stack. If you notice any broken filter due to these discharge dust particles, then you should immediately repair the leak. These discharges of dust particle can cause health problems and can also damage your property and various kinds of fines can also be imposed by the government and various agencies. If you do not repair it after knowing the leak, then it can damage the fans that are located downstream of the dust collector.

#5. Selection of exhaust fan:

Selection of the exhaust fan is a very critical task to ensure that dust collection system runs smoothly as this system needs an exhaust fan which can boosts up the airflow from the pickup point and through the ductwork and filter instead of venting outside via exhaust stack.


After reading the above article you can understand those dust collectors are the best way to control and remove the dust particles from the filters and these procedures which are given above should be followed in order to maintain the performance of the dust collector.

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