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Diamonds vs Cubic Zirconia: Why Are They Used in Tandem

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Diamonds vs Cubic Zirconia

An engagement ring is one of the most important symbols when coming into a marriage.

For married couples, it is traditionally worn along the wedding band on your fourth finger on the left hand.

There are some considerations to make when you’re choosing the stone to be set on the engagement ring. This choice is crucial because of the symbols that it will bear for anyone who wears it.

Some people go for a traditional and widely popular diamond and some will go for a more non-traditional gem like a cubic zirconia (talk about non-traditional).

Either of the two will work because they both look beautiful on rings but there are subtle differences that will make them the best fit for your engagement ring.

In this article, we will discuss a few things you can consider when buying the best engagement rings in Vancouver. Diamond vs Cubic Zirconia, which is the better choice for you?

If you’ve been wondering what a cubic zirconia is, it is a gem crafted in the laboratory that has similar characteristics as that of a genuine and mined diamond ring. In essence, it is a lab-created gemstone.

It is clear and has the same luster as diamonds and varies slightly and may not be immediately from the structure of a real diamond to the untrained eye.

You will want to use a cubic zirconia if you are running a little low on budget. They do not cost nearly as diamonds since they are grown in the laboratory. But, regardless of the price, they are still nearly as beautiful and hard as diamonds.

These will make for the best engagement rings if you want to save more for the wedding band.

Diamonds are an established gem for any setting. Having them on your engagement ring will dazzle and make a bride-to-be the envy of her bridesmaids.

More than jewelry, it is also a statement of an extravagant profession of love and devotion to a partner. It will only gain more value as time passess by and will never lose its luster even if it is worn everyday.

The best engagement ring you can get is the one that will make you feel good about your coming wedding. Whether you’re the practical or the extravagant type of person, there are gems to choose from that will help seal your vow toward one another.

If you’re in the Vancouver area, ask the jewellers for two of the gems and compare them side-by-side and wear one and see which one will make you feel loved and treasured.

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