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Why Being a Designated Driver Is Secretly Fun

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Why Being a Designated Driver Is Secretly Fun

There’s nothing better than a night out with friends. But when friends get together to drink, there’s always a possibility that evening could take a wrong turn.

That’s why it’s important to have a designated driver. This is the person who chooses to remain sober for the night and provide transportation for their friends so everyone else can be a little more reckless.

This article takes a look at the benefits for designated drivers even though it means having a little less fun. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on the reasons why being the sober friends has serious advantages.

You’re Less Likely to Embarrass Yourself

Let’s be honest, a night of heavy drinking can end in total embarrassment for everyone involved. When you’re drunk, the filter comes off and you’re more likely to say and do things you’d never do when sober.

Thus being the sober member of the group will help keep you from acting in ways that you’d live to regret.

Here’s a resource that will show you what to do when you get a DUI.

You Won’t Have to Deal With Hangovers

Drinking leads to hangovers. That’s a simple reality of life. Well, not drinking solves that problem. So if you’d prefer to wake up without a clanging headache and a skull that feels like it’s eight feet think, staying sober will certainly do the trick.

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You’ll Save Tons of Money On Alcohol

Another reality of life is that drinking gets expensive. In fact, a night out with friends can end up costing a small fortune.

So if you’re looking for ways to cut back on the amount of money you spend during an evening on the town, not drinking is the way to go.

Focus instead on sparkling water and coffee, and you’ll not only feel great the next morning, but you’ll also discover how much you love having extra cash in your pocket at the end of the week.

Your Friends Will Owe You

Here’s another thing to keep in mind: get your friends home safe, and they’ll owe you. Big time.

Being the sober friend definitely has it’s perks, and this is one of the biggest.

You’ll Have Dirt On Everyone

You’ll also have a million stories to tell. After all, anything can happen during a drunken night on the town. So be prepared to see your friends go crazy, and take notes because you’ll likely have the chance to gather some amazing blackmail material.

You’ll Be Healthier

Let’s be honest, drinking alcohol is one of the least healthy things you can do to your body. Thus staying sober will help keep your pocketbook and your body a bit healthier than a night of drinking.

You’ll Help Everyone Be Safe

The ultimate goal of being a sober driver is the fact that everyone will make it home safe and sound. This is a big deal. So keep this in mind in those moments when you wish you could join in the fun and knock back a few with your besties.

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The Benefits of Being a Designated Driver

Every group of friends needs a designated driver. This might not sound like much fun, but the list of benefits contained here will help you understand that there’s more to life than getting wasted.

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