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A Guide On How To Choose A Professional Local Jewelry Appraiser

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Are your prized possessions really protected? The piece of jewelry that you received as a gift or the jewelry you got yourself to wear and enjoy, is it really secure? We know your answer is, unfortunately, a ‘no’ and that is why you are here to read this guide to know how to make it secure. 

In this article, we will help you educate on how you can get jewelry appraised in a proper way along with knowing who is the right person for it. We will let you know about the specifications of a qualified jewelry appraiser and what an appraiser should contain to clear out any misconceptions of yours about jewelry insurance. 

Now that you have selected the perfect piece of jewelry by taking time out, we would recommend that you take the time to read our helpful guide too.

Choosing A Professional Jewelry Appraiser

Before we begin, you must know that a trick many people use to present themselves as the personal jewelry appraiser is by claiming that they are the real ones without any proof. However, real property appraisers always have a license for it. This is how people choose to get their jewelry or property appraised through a qualified professional appraiser. Also, this applies to all kinds of property and not just jewelry. 

However, we are here to only focus on the jewelry industry as we believe there is so much confusion regarding it. It’s important for you to know that a person who sells jewelry is not the one who knows all about it. 

Appraising property such as jewelry is a complete profession just like a doctor, lawyer or accountant. This profession teaches an individual to get educated and tested along with getting recognized degree and license. However, nowadays there is no proper administration of government that will manage the testing and licensing of appraisers. That is why many salespersons claim to be the personal property appraisers themselves. Stay aware and ask for a license from your appraiser because your property and jewelry really matters.

A professional jewelry appraiser must be educated and experienced along with having the product knowledge and a degree. That individual must have certificates of passed course programs with conducting various evaluation exams. These examinations teach principles and business practices including appraisal ethics, report writing, and standards of property and jewelry. 

A professional and local jewelry appraiser will keep you updated with the standards of different property and jewels along with all the changes happening in the industry. They will also offer you a membership with their organization but you must know that not all of them will provide it. Also, make sure to ask the appraiser about how their designation was earned. Some common terms and names of appraisers are mentioned below.

  1. Bench Jeweler
  2. Graduate Jeweler
  3. Lapidary Stone Cutter Jeweler
  4. Lapidary Gem Artist
  5. Graduate Gemologist
  6. Horologist or Watchmaker
  7. Certified Horologist
  8. Watch Repairman
  9. Jewelry Wholesaler
  10. Jewelry Retailer
  11. Sales Associate

Some of them are not professional appraisers but can do the work of an appraiser through their level of experience working in the industry. However, it is better for you to get your property appraised by any professional and certified individual.  

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