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When buying a mattress there are many doubts that assail us, what characteristics should it have? Are there different mattresses for different ages? Which one best suits my tastes and needs? In our post today we will try to answer most of these questions.

Sleeping on a good mattress is essential to have a good rest and therefore, good health. Sleeping well helps the immune system, the nervous system, improves blood circulation, helps the musculoskeletal system, heart, brain, metabolism, eyes and skin. If your muscles or tense notes hurt in the morning, you need to change your mattress.

As we have spoken on more than one occasion, the important thing is not to sleep more or less hours (as long as the minimum 7 hours are respected) but how deep and restful the dream is. A dream without interruptions is very important to wake up completely renewed the next morning. The pressure that our mattress exerts on ourselves causes us to sometimes wake up to have to change our position. This is easy to fix: the memory foam mattresses do not exert any pressure on the body.

Besides an important fact, more than a third of our lives are spent on the king size dimensions in cm so why not choose a suitable one?

Characteristics of a perfect mattress:

* Sign, so that it holds our body well, but without becoming uncomfortable.

* Homogeneous. It should not have sinking or gaps.

* Adaptable to our body and must respect our natural curvature of the spine.

Types of mattresses:

* The foam mattresses can be of different materials, perhaps the best known is of polyurethane. These mattresses can be cut to fit all body types and their price is lower than the rest. The main drawback is that the temperature is not regulated.

* The mattress in a box queen perspires best and have no moisture problems, so are indicated for people who are prone to night sweats. Types:

* Independent springs: core with multiple vertical metal springs that narrow in its central section and are linked by metal wires. They are quite cheap.

* Continuous spring: single metallic wire.

* Bagged springs: hundreds of independent springs tucked into individual fabric sacks and joined by a fine hold. It is a very good option for double beds as it allows greater independence for each person. Inside the spring mattresses is a bit more expensive.

* The latex mattresses better to the human body that springs to adapt. They offer greater firmness and are very flexible; they also insulate heat very well. Types:

* Synthetic latex: it is obtained through a synthetic formulation of the latex.

* Mixture: it can take from 20% to 50% latex and is combined with foams. They are less heavy and produce less moisture.

* Natural latex: 85% of the mattress is latex and the rest is another material.

* There are also a series of special mattress foundation full, for people who spend a lot of time in bed due to illness. For healthy people they are not recommended.

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