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What Causes Domestic Violence and Abuse in Seemingly Happy Families?

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what causes domestic violence

Finding out what causes domestic violence can be challenging work when you consider all the possible contributing factors. The issue — which, in the US alone, affects one in four women and one in seven men — stems from broken systems and previous tragedies.

With statistics what they are, chances are very good you either know or have known someone going through a domestic violence situation in some capacity. In the following article, we’re going to look more closely at each of the causes with the hope of putting a stop to domestic violence once and for all. Let’s begin.

1. Substance Abuse

Among the causes of violence in domestic disturbances, alcohol or drugs are almost always a factor. However, it would probably be short-sighted to lay all the blame at the doorstep of substance abuse.

While it can certainly exacerbate the issue, it doesn’t really explain the root cause. For that, we’ll need to dig a little further into the abuser’s past.

2. Upbringing

Arguably the biggest causes and effects of domestic violence can be seen in upbringing. Perhaps the abuser witnessed abuse at home. He or she may have even been the subject of it.

Neglectful parents may have also created a situation where their children had no clear guidance on how to healthily resolve conflict. When that happens, it opens the door to domestic violence as an option.

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3. Untreated Mental Illness

Many problems surrounding domestic violence could be attributable to untreated mental illness. Some reports have found that a little over half of all those suffering mental illness in the US are receiving proper treatment.

This being a global issue, the numbers are likely similar or worse throughout the world. Still, many mental illness sufferers never resort to violence, and that’s where the next option could be a factor.

4. Outdated Belief Systems

Belief systems that are not in-tune with modern society can lead many to have unrealistic expectations of their spouses. This can create a situational cause where the situational abuser targets his or her spouse or partner without ever having violent tendencies with other people.

5. Poor Educational Performance

Figuring out what causes domestic violence is helped along by discovering what causes control issues. Poor academic achievement likely is a factor here.

Poor educational performance leads to a lack of success in life. Feeling like a failure can push abusers to compensate for it in how they treat their spouses.

Still, we must be careful not to entirely attribute it to poor education as abuse can happen at every socioeconomic level. This brings us to the final factor.

6. Low Opinion of Oneself

Innocent or guilty of family violence, the situations usually arise because of a lack of self-esteem in one or both involved parties. Abusers are driven by their low self-esteem to exert power over their partners.

By the same token, they seize on partners with low self-esteem. They carefully choose people who are easier to dominate, in other words.

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Learning What Causes Domestic Violence Can Help Stop It

As society continues to consider what causes domestic violence, it’s important to be there for people who may be going through one of these situations. If you suspect something is wrong with a friend, colleague, or acquaintance, educate yourself on the available resources.

Stay strong! For more relationship tips and advice, check out some of our additional posts.

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