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What You Need to Know About the Professional Engineer Exam

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Taking the professional engineer exam can be a real drag, and opting out would bring you to absolute zero. But if you want to compete in the professional engineering world, this exam is a must-do. It’s important to upgrade your grey matter in order to pass this exam, but what do you need to know in order to do well?

We can tell you everything you need to know about the test, but it’s up to you to open the books and study! So read on to learn what goes on with the PE exam and how you can boost your score.

How and When to Register

Registering for the PE exam is easy, and one can register online at the NCEES website. Select your state, then PE exam before choosing your discipline.

Tests are typically offered in April and October, with a few exams offered only once a year. You will either register for a pen and paper test or an online exam. Most Exams take place online these days.

Professional Engineer Exam Cost

The PE exam will run you between $350-$375. The price can vary depending on your state licensing board, who sometimes charges an extra application fee for the test. Make payment directly to NCEES or your state licensing board.

PE Exam Scoring

The test score is based on your total number of correct answers. Points aren’t deducted for wrong answers, so be sure to answer every question.

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The exam is scaled to adjust for difficulty between different exam forms. The scaled score represents your ability level and is gauged against the minimum acceptable ability level for that exam.

You need to score at least 75% in order to pass the test.

What Should I Study?

The PE exam is challenging and may take multiple attempts to pass. So if you’re wondering how to pass the professional engineer exam, you must study. Topics will be determined by the type of test you take.

The breadth test will cover more generalized concepts based on the key principles of engineering. The depth test will dive deeper into your specific discipline and ask more detailed questions. Tests are offered independently of one another or together.

Engineer continuing education courses are a popular way to prepare for the test and will give help you feel prepared come exam time. Fortunately, the test is open book, so don’t worry about memorizing a ton of formulas. Woohoo!

Test Results

Test results come out 7-10 days after the computer exam and 8-10 weeks after the pen and paper exam. Results are either pass or fail. You should receive email instructions from NCEES on when and how to view your test results.

Are You Ready?

Taking and passing the professional engineer exam is a necessary challenge for professional engineers. Keep your engineering brain fresh with continuing education classes and you’ll be sure to pass the test when the time comes.

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