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What Pushes a Good Employee to Quit Their Only Job?

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Did you know that 40 million people quit their jobs in 2018? This was the highest recorded number of people leaving their jobs since the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics began recording data in the year 2000!

A good employee won’t usually leave their job unless they have good reasons to. It might be hard for employers to figure out why their employees have quit.

We’ve compiled a list of their most common reasons, keep reading to learn what they are.

No Room for Growth

One of the most common reasons an employee leaves their company is because they realize there’s no room for any professional growth. When an employee doesn’t feel challenged or like there’s any potential for them to learn the skills needed for a higher position they end up leaving the company.

If an employee doesn’t feel supported in the professional goals they have for themselves within the company they are more likely to leave as well. Training and certification opportunities will show an employee that they have the potential for promotions and growth within the company.

Inadequate Management

Part of being a good manager is placing trust in your employees to make some of the decisions and offer productive solutions. Micromanaging every task will drive any employee away.

Inadequate management also includes an inability to lead a group and motivate them to work efficiently. This can also lead an employee to quit their job.

Having a good relationship with the boss makes an employee more confident in their work and more committed to staying.

No Recognization of Hard Work

Everyone wants to be acknowledged for the hard work they put into a project. Recognizing the hard work an employee puts in helps give them the confidence to continue to work hard.

Recognizing this hard work isn’t only nice but sets a precedent for the type of work that’s expected to meet company goals successfully. Employees who don’t feel recognized for their accomplishments at work tend to quit their job.

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Burnout From Overworking

Another reason why good employees quit is that they begin feeling overworked and overstressed. When changes in a company lead to an employee taking on more work they can begin to have trouble balancing their work and their personal life. Having to work longer hours or weekends can eventually cause burnout and lead an employee to quit.

When forced to choose between spending less time with family and friends and more time at their job, employees tend to begin looking for another job that creates a better balance between these things.

A Poor Company Culture

Company culture is actually a bigger deciding factor than expected in whether or not an employee leaves. If the culture of their company doesn’t match their own internal beliefs an employee is more likely to leave.

A big part of company culture is employee respect and the lack of it has led many workers to quit their jobs. If a company isn’t providing employees with what they believe is the proper compensation and benefits that show that they truly care for them employees might decide to leave the company.

Workplace Harassment

Another reason why good employees leave is if they have been enduring workplace harassment. This serious issue can best be described as offensive or unwelcome behavior or comments based on the employee’s characteristics. Some examples include harassment based on race, gender, or disability.

This type of situation would lead an employee to quit their job and find a workplace harassment lawyer to help them navigate the situation. A hostile environment wouldn’t allow an employee to be productive and feel confident in their work, leading them to quit.

They Aren’t Being Valued for Their Skills

A good employee will leave their only job if they feel undervalued at that job. If an employee feels like their skills aren’t being utilized to challenge them in their work or to benefit the larger goals within their company they might decide to quit.

If an employee is able to use their abilities to get their work done they would gain more confidence and become more productive at work. If they are being challenged on every project and finding purpose in their work they are less likely to leave.

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Lack of Communication

Some reasons to quit a job that an employee might have includes the lack of communication with their company. If an employee is receiving little to no feedback on their performance or how to improve they might feel confused. Not communicating with an employee on how they can better work with the team might lead them to quit their job.

If an employee reaches out to their company about issues they might be having and they don’t hear back from management they might feel that the lack of communication keeps them from being productive at this job.

Their Relationship With Their Coworkers

A good work environment includes a good relationship with coworkers. Having friends at work and a good working relationship makes the workplace more productive. Not getting along with coworkers is a good indicator of an employee that is about to quit their job.

When employees have formed good relationships with their coworkers seeing them leave might create a domino effect. When someone that use to be an important part of a company leaves, people tend to follow that person they trust in most.

Personal Changes

When an employee asks themselves “should I leave my job?” it might mean that they are experiencing personal changes that require them to leave. An employee’s partner might get a new job in another city leading the employee to quit their current job. A workplace romance might end and lead one employee to quit and move to another company.

Why Does a Good Employee Quit?

There are many reasons a good employee might leave their only job. The list above includes some of the most common reasons employees give for quitting their jobs. Check out some of our other blogs to learn more about good employees and their reasons for leaving the companies they work for.

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