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Tech Career Advice: 9 Tips for Starting an IT Career

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Tech Career Advice: 9 Tips for Starting an IT Career

Are you an IT graduate looking to get your foot into the job market? You are in the right place if you want to learn how to work in IT. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to get your foot in the door of the IT world or you want to expand your career.

You still need expert help to get you noticed in the IT job market. Make sure you read these essential tips to help you kick start your IT career.

1. Understand the IT World

You may have all the educational qualifications for an IT person, but little understanding of the IT world will deny you the opportunity to start your career. Take your time to understand everything you need to get started in IT and what employers are looking for.

Get the necessary skills and qualifications that are aligned with your career. If you’re not yet trained, go through the training process and attain the required qualifications.

2. Polish your Communication Skills

Many qualified IT experts can handle any kind of tech jobs. However, these people keep losing their jobs every day and others can’t even find jobs. The only thing separating these people from their dream jobs is lack of excellent communication skills.

You should work on your communication skills from oral, written, face-to-face, phone etiquette, and interpersonal communication. If you don’t have these, you might not even go passed the interview level or might lose the jobs just a few months after getting your contract.

3. Build Network

In the professional world, your career networking plays a huge role in your ability to get your dream job. You need to work hard to build professional relationships right from when you’re in school. Interact with professionals in your field, ask for advice, and get suitable feedback.

You can attend those career fairs and other seminars not only to learn more about your tech career but also to meet those professionals. Ensure you seek enough information and equip yourself with all the knowledge. Take all the advice and the feedback you get seriously and don’t forget to stay in touch.

4. Choose a Suitable Position

IT field is wide, and you need to narrow it down so that you have an easy time focusing on what you love and understand best. Once you perfect your skills in a specific area, you will be able to stand out from the competition. Imagine competing with established IT experts like those from Austin technology.

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Finding a suitable position also makes it easy for potential employers to find you amidst all the competition. You must also be flexible enough to adapt to changing situations. Have a range of experiences in other areas as well but focus most energy in your area of specialization.

5. Get IT Career Experience

Getting any job out here without any experience is not easy. Even entry-level IT jobs require at least six months of experience. So, where do you get such experiences when you’ve never held any IT position? Internships and volunteer work can help you out.

You must ensure your CV is demonstrating some work experience. The employers should have some proof that you’re competent in the field. Before you start looking for paying jobs, you can grab an internship opportunity or do some volunteer community tech jobs as you build your career.

6. Make your CV Stand Out

A CV gives you the chance to show your potential employers your skills and academic qualification. This is what introduces you to the job market before the employers can even see you in person. It does the first written interview on your behalf. This is an essential part of your IT career.

A good CV should pinpoint your relevant skills, academic qualifications, work experience and your profile. It should also show the employers your love for the job and give a good first impression. Ensure you take your time to write a CV that will easily sell you out there.

7. Prepare for Interview

Once you get out there for serious IT jobs search, the chances are that you’re going to get many interview calls. Many of them may be unsuccessful not because you don’t qualify, but maybe there is a better-qualified candidate. You should never give up if you don’t get the call.

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Whether you’re confident of getting the job or not, you need to prepare well for the interview. The preparation starts with good grooming. You should then get the necessary information about the organization and understand their culture.

Go through the job requirements and polish your communication skills. Take the interview process as a conversation and remember not to be too nervous.

8. Be Ready for Changes

If you manage to get a career in IT, this should not be the end of your learning. With digitalization and evolution of various technologies, the IT world is never constant, and things change every day. If you’re stagnant with one skill, you can be thrown out of your job faster than you came in.

A good example of a change in the IT industry is the implementation of cloud technology which has seen many IT experts switching to cloud careers. You should always keep up to date with the changing technologies in IT and be ready to adapt to any time.

9. Expand your Career

Learning never stops when you get your first job, and you need to advance your career. You cannot stick to the same position forever just because you refuse to go for further studies. You never know, you might be the new CEO of that organization or a bigger one only if you continue learning.

So, if you get any chance for learning opportunity, grab it as fast as you can. You can even get scholarships to study in big institutions or take up a small part time cost to improve your skills. Learning will help you improve your skills and climb to a better position.

Your IT Career is Your Responsibility

Getting a job in IT is not always hard if you do everything right. Remember, almost all organizations deal with some aspects of information technology, and your IT career skills will be highly appreciated. You have to stand out from the competition and ensure potential employers notice you.

Don’t forget to read more of our blogs that can help in your career or business growth.

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