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Six of the Best Work at Home Jobs for Working Moms

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Many mothers want to have a career while, at the same time, staying close to their kids.  There are a number of good, well-paying jobs that allow mothers to eliminate commute time and win SlotoCash Casino money while working from home.  For any of these jobs, you need a computer, good Internet connection, child care and an ability to focus on the job at hand.

Every year, increasing numbers of mothers are making a living while working from home. You can join them.


If you’re going to work from home, here are some suggestions to make both your home life and your work life more productive.

  • Create a work space which is completely dedicated to your work life.  Don’t work at the kitchen table or bring your laptop into the kids’ room.  Even if your “space” is a small desk in your bedroom, you need to have a work station that indicates that, when you’re there, you’re working
  • Make sure that you have adequate child care so you can focus on your work during work time.  Your children will be better off and you will be a more successful work-at-home mom
  • Set up specific times for meal and coffee breaks.  It’s easy to get up from your work intermittently when you’re next to the kitchen but your figure will suffer if you’re taking too many snack breaks.  Decide when you will have lunch and coffee breaks and stick to those times.
  • Keep to a schedule.  If you are committed to work for 4 hours a day, decide in advance when those 4 hours will be and then hold to those hours.  If needed, schedule the rest of your day too so that you won’t be thinking about when you’re going to cook dinner or what time you need to go shopping while you’re supposed to be concentrating on work.
  • Make it clear to family and friends that your work-from-home arrangement doesn’t mean that you have an open door for them to drop by to socialize whenever it suits them. Work time must be work time and if that means that you don’t answer the door or the phone during those times, so be it.
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Work at Home Job Opportunities

Bookkeeper/Accounting Clerk

Iif you’re good with numbers, consider working as a bookkeeper/accounting clerk.  These clerks make about $38,500 annually and, obviously, if you’re working from home, you don’t have travel expenses.  You also won’t be tied to working at any particular time so in the evenings/at night you can fill in hours that you can’t do during the day.

As an accounting clerk you’ll need to maintain financial records, prepare reports, provide clerical support to accountants, reconcile bank statements and process transactions.  You’ll need data entry and bookkeeping skills and will need to be proficient with bookkeeping software.

Some employers need part-time bookkeepers/accounting clerks while others look for those who can fill full-time positions so you can find a position that fits your needs.  If you want to prepare for a job as an accounting clerk you should earn an associate’s degree in accounting or business. It’s possible to work with a high school diploma but most employers will want someone who is prepared with basic accounting techniques and some knowledge of accounting laws.

You could even go further and get a CPA license to increase your salary expectations. On the Beat The CPA site, you can find a list of available preparation courses.

Data Entry Specialist

A job as a data entry specialist is another job with flexibility in hours for moms who need an adaptable schedule.  Data entry specialists take information from one source and enter it online so if you’re going to work in this field you will need strong keyboarding skills and the ability to pay close attention to detail.

Some examples of data entry work include recording bills, reports, cancelled checks or other information which is then entered into an electronic data system where it can be stored and analyzed. Many medical offices look for data entry specialists who can work from home and keep their data organized properly. The average salary for such work is $27,500 annually.

Virtual Assistant

You can find a job as a virtual assistant – basically, a remote personal secretary – for either part-time or full-time employment. This job generally requires that you be available at a specified time every day with no interruptions so your boss knows when and how to give you instructions for a fast turnover.

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Virtual assistants are responsible for providing administrative support to an individual or a team – maintaining calendars, scheduling travel and meetings, taking care of social media, planning events and conducting research. Working as a virtual assistant can be very interesting but also is dynamic and, sometimes, pressured. Virtual assistants can earn about $38,500/year for full-time work.

Child Care

If you don’t want to send your kids out to an outside childcare, consider running your own child care in your home.  You’ll need to be licensed, meaning that you’ll need to ensure that you have the correct number of staff members-per child, that you can provide proper nutrition and safety standards, that you have toys and other enrichment activities and that you meet all of your state’s standards for running such an enterprise.

But running your own day care can be tremendously rewarding, especially if it means that you can be your own child’s primary caregiver while you earn a salary.  Your income will depend on how many children you take in, their ages, the hours that you offer care and your staffing.

Online Tutor/Teacher

If you have an aptitude for teaching and know a special skill or subject, you can look into offering online tutoring or instruction.  There are many companies that specialize in teaching foreigner’s English so you can work for one of them.

Alternately you can offer tutoring in other foreign languages, if you are fluent in another language, or in subjects such as math or one of the sciences.  Income depends on how many teaching gigs you get per week and the level/specialty of your instruction

Web Designer

Web designers create the visuals of a website. They create graphics, design navigational elements, choose colors and fonts and create interactive elements (sign up for a newsletter, etc) using HTML code. Many web designers work as freelancers and work from home, enjoying flexible schedules and freedom to enjoy creativity while making a salary.

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