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How to Select Products for Your CBD Business

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How to Select Products for Your CBD Business

You’ve found the perfect space for your CBD business, you’ve secured the financial support you need, and you’ve even started a blog to spread the word about your new shop.

The one thing you have left to do?

Choose the right CBD products to stock.

With so many different CBD oil business opportunities cropping up all over the country, the quality and effectiveness of the products you sell are often what sets you apart from your competitors.

Read on to know what to look for when it comes to the top CBD products.

1. Study up on Testing Methods

When you first start stocking products for your CBD business, the absolute first thing you want to check is the ways in which companies test their products.

We strongly suggest that you only buy products that have been third-party tested. This means they’ve been sent off to a lab that isn’t affiliated with the CBD company in any way, and that the products have been tested to ensure authenticity and a low THC content.

These tests will also prove that there are no potentially dangerous chemicals or ingredients like DXM inside these CBD products.

If a company is willing to have their products third-party tested, it speaks to their integrity — and the quality of the CBD products they sell.

2. Offer a Variety of Products

While CBD tinctures/oils are often the most well-known and popular methods of using CBD, they’re far from the only options — and your store should reflect that.

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Make sure you stock CBD vape pens, CBD-infused bath bombs, CBD capsules/gummies, and even CBD beauty products.

This will help you to appeal to as wide of a range of clientele as is possible.

3. Offer Different Types of CBD Oil

In addition to a diversity of CBD products, you should also offer multiple types of CBD dosages, concentrations, and flavors.

Some people may not like the taste of unflavored CBD, so many companies offer products flavored with vanilla, mint, and fruit flavors.

You should offer both broad-spectrum and full spectrum CBD products.

The latter is especially famous for the entourage effect, which uses the whole plant and gives more powerful results.

You also need to offer lots of different dosage options, as experience/comfort level, metabolism, and height/weight will impact an individual’s dosing requirements.

Also, look at the concentration level of the CBD oil itself, and offer a variety there as well. Invest in high-potency options like 30mb per dose or lower-potency options like 12-14mg per dose.

Want to Learn How to Open Your Own CBD Business?

Whether you already have plans in place to open up your own CBD business, or if you’re curious about the first steps of how to sell CBD oil, we hope this post has helped you to understand what you need to look for in quality products.

Above all, you need to know your product inside and out.

You have to fight against stigma, make specific suggestions based on a client’s needs, and of course, develop an awesome marketing campaign.

Need help with that?

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Keep checking back in with our blog to get no-nonsense advice about registering your business, bringing in more customers, and hiring the right team members.

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