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Looking for Work? Consider These Highly Mobile and Flexible Jobs

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become a notary in texas

The 9 to 5 workplace has shifted. No longer are employees always heading to an office setting, sitting inside a cubicle simply waiting for the day to close. Rather, life has opened up several options for flexible work, allowing people to choose their own hours and work comfortable in their yoga pants. These jobs may not jump right out at you, but they exist. You’ll just need to explore the fields.

Notary Republic

Often people need a notary quickly because paperwork flies through and has deadlines. With such quick time turn around, workers are often looking for someone who can come to the office or home. While this may seem a bit official for you, it’s really a simple process. To become a notary in texas, you’ll can take an online course and receive certification. Then, advertise picking up jobs when it’s convenient for you–no office space or hours required.

Freelance Writer

Most customers no longer look to the phone book for information. They turn to search engines, entering a simply query, hoping to find the answer or an appropriate source. Companies that pop up first are not always the best; instead, they are ones who invested in SEO marketing tools. The online search world, therefore, has opened doors, increasing a need for writers willing to craft articles that drive search engine optimization. If you have ideas in your head and know enough about grammar, this flexible job could work well for you. Look for a content company interested in hiring or training.

Call Support

Several large organizations started outsourcing their support calls. After all, what these staff members need is a phone and a computer. This can be done from a home office, with hours on your own time. To make this work, strong communication and patience are key. Remember, most of clients calling will have problems. Be willing to listen to frustration and think out-of-the-box to solve problems.

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Are you ready to break the stereotypical work paradigm? If so, begin your job hunt, seeking something that suits your personality and lifestyle.

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