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Tutor’s advice on how to improve academic performance

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improve academic performance

As a student, I bet your main focus is to achieve excellent grades. However, there are so many obstacles on your way that you wonder if settling for less is such a bad thing right? Well, remember that all those great performers you look up to had obstacles as well, but they overcame all of them and achieved the great grades anyway. 

Challenges are like the spice to the soup. Life is not as fun when everything gets handed to you on a silver platter. When you work hard, the success will feel so fulfilling every effort you put in will be worth it. 

The best thing about challenges is that you only feel them for a moment. This means that they are put in your way to make you better. You cannot go higher if there’s no mountain for you to climb right? 

So as you sit there wondering, “who will write my paper?” remember that you have all the resources within and around you to achieve anything you set your mind on. College is not made rigorous as a punishment, but to make sure that the experience brings out the best in you.

The last thing you want to do is give up when every way you turn, there is a new application or tool that’s designed to help you succeed. Go out of your way and make sure you go above and beyond in achieving all your academic goals. 

Wake Up Early 

There is a lot of power that comes with having ample time to do everything you have on your schedule. Waking up early as a student should not come as a surprise because most institutions of higher learning have classes that start as early as seven.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to arrive late to a lecture. Use this mentality for days that you don’t have classes at all, so you get yourself out of bed early. 

If setting an alarm does not work for you, consider having a friend call you in the morning. You could go for a morning run before coming back to study. As you know, running does not only activate your body, but your brain as well. 

You can choose to go to the school gym instead of running because it’s free anyway. Working out is the perfect way to start your day, and you can only have a workout session if you wake up early. 

Getting out of bed before the sun rises gives you enough time to organize yourself so that the day doesn’t just passes by without you achieving anything.

Follow up on your Performance 

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Each time your professor gives you back your paper, find out why you got the marks the professor awarded. Whether it’s an assignment or an end of semester paper, remember that every little thing contributes to your overall performances. 

You can join a study group where fellow students go through their papers so that you get assistance for the marks that you missed. 

Following up your performance ensures that you don’t miss the same question twice. This is also an excellent way of finding out the concepts that are giving you a hard time. 

Consult Always 

Don’t be shy to ask if you’re having trouble understanding anything. When you’re in class and the professor mentions something you don’t understand, bring it to their attention. It is better to get an immediate explanation right away than try to understand that same concept when exams are around the corner. 

Aside from the professors, also consult fellow students. There’s always that student who’s really good at a concept that’s giving you a hard time. Go to them and ask for assistance. 

Eat Healthy Foods 

Many students focus so much on their academics that they forget to eat healthy foods. Remember the foods you eat determine how productive you will be in class. You need foods that enrich you and give you the energy to face the day’s challenges. 

Eat a balanced diet always, and avoid junk food because they don’t add value to your body and mind. You should actually make a habit of cooking your own food because this allows you to spend quality time with yourself. Taking care of yourself in the small ways ensure you practice self-care even when your schedules are overwhelming. 

You might not always have time for friends or family, but make sure you don’t take yourself for granted. Cut your names, wash your hair, smell good, and dress well. All these activities will boost your confidence and make you believe in your ability to excel. Now you can be well-dressed and eat junk food everyday right?


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Academic excellence is attainable for anyone who’s willing to do the work. As you know, anything worth having does not come easy. You must be willing to keep going and never give up even when that seems like the easy way out.

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