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Dressing for a Business Meeting: A Snazzy Guide to Classy Attire

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Dressing for a Business Meeting: A Snazzy Guide to Classy Attire

An average of 11 million business meetings are held in the U.S. every day. Despite their ubiquity, it’s still important to dress for the occasion!

Luckily, choosing business meeting attire is pretty simple if you follow a few simple guidelines. Read on for our top tips on how to choose classy attire for your next business meeting.

The Blazer: A Cornerstone of Classy Attire

If you’re looking for classy attire that you can wear to your next business meeting, start with a well-fitting blazer. This is the cornerstone of formal casual wear and is an especially important piece to get right.

When shopping for a blazer, try to stick with dark, solid colors. That way, it can be a versatile piece that can go with a variety of business formal ensembles.

Crisp Button-Down Shirt

Another piece of classy attire that is great for business meetings is a crisp, clean button-down shirt. This can pair well with many professional outfits and will have you look very well put-together.

To get the most out of this piece, look for a structured fit that isn’t too tight in the chest or shoulders. Another thing to keep in mind: be sure it’s clean and well-ironed.

Go with (or Without) a Tie

Ties have held a spot in the world of classy attire for quite some time. Considering their ability to pull a look together, it’s not difficult to see why.

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However, if you’re looking for business meeting attire, the tie isn’t a necessity. With the right shirt and blazer, you can pull off a perfectly polished look without it.

Either way, if you do choose to wear a tie, stick with a neutral design. That way, it won’t be a distraction or overly loud piece during the meeting.

Dress Pants/Slacks

First and foremost, your dress pants should match your blazer if you’re wearing one. Other than that, they should be clean, pressed, and well-tailored to fit you loosely and comfortably. You’ll likely be spending a lot of time moving around, so you want to be sure your slacks aren’t too tight and that they’re long enough to cover your socks.

Match Your Socks/Slacks and Shoes/Belt

When shopping for socks to match your classy attire, find a good pair of thin trouser socks that match your slacks. They should ideally blend in with your trouser legs and not be noticeable.

Another thing to match up is your shoes and belt. Go for either black or brown leather; just be sure it’s the same for both pieces.

Business Meeting Attire for Women

If you’re a woman looking for classy attire to wear to a meeting, you have a little bit of creative freedom. You don’t have to stick with the “blazer, button-down” shirt formula.

Keep the blazer, but look for a formal knit blouse that isn’t too form-fitting or revealing. Adorit suggests accessorizing with some understated jewelry or even a scarf to pull your outfit together.

Final Thoughts

When considering classy attire for your next business meeting, just remember to keep it clean, pressed, simple, and well-fitting. Now that you have some ideas for the right pieces to use, it’s a perfect time to get shopping!

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Check back soon for more business advice!

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