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8 Best Heavy Equipment Operator Jobs to Apply for Now

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8 Best Heavy Equipment Operator Jobs to Apply for Now

From the oilfields to new construction, there’s always a strong need for people who can properly operate heavy equipment.

If you’re looking into a new career, heavy equipment operator jobs are lucrative and readily available across many industries.

Read on to discover a list of eight of the best jobs you can apply for now if you’re looking to operate heavy equipment for a living.

1. Back-Hoe Operator

A back-hoe is a piece of heavy equipment that uses a variety of attachments to scoop and dump different materials. Whether it’s broken concrete, gigantic boulders, or a ton of dirt, the back-hoe is a valuable asset to many different industries.

Back-hoe operators will also need to be able to dig trenches, break up rocks, and load other heavy materials as needed. Expect to work outside on large construction sites for this job. Most employees work at least 40 hours per week with a high potential for overtime.

2. Forklift Drivers

Forklifts can vary in size, but they’re also often used in industrial settings. As a forklift driver, you’ll use the equipment to pick up and relocate a wide variety of items and large palettes stacked with different parts, materials, or inventory.

All forklift drivers must pass a safety certification test and take a class in order to ensure they can operate it safely. You’ll find these heavy equipment operator jobs in a wide range of settings including warehouses and general construction sites. The forklift is easy to drive and can lift impressive amounts of weight, making it easy to move things from one location to another.

3. Paving Equipment Operator

A paving machine, also known as surface equipment, is used to spread things like asphalt and concrete. These wide machines are often found during road construction projects that can range from public highways to business parking lots.

Paving machine drivers are usually employees of local cities and towns, and drivers are also hired by private construction companies. You will need a CDL in most states in order to operate a paving machine. This job requires a lot of outdoor work, and you may have to operate the machine in inclement weather depending on job completion deadlines.

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4. Crane Operators

A crane operator position is always in demand, and you can find this job almost anywhere you live. Cranes are needed to help build tall buildings, work in shipyards, and they’re used for a wide range of other important projects.

Just like other heavy equipment operator jobs, a crane operator is required to pass a series of tests and go through rigorous training. Working with a crane is an extremely precise task, so operators must be able to demonstrate a good working knowledge of this machinery. You can find crane operator jobs in big cities, ports, and even in forested areas which makes this one of the most popular jobs available.

5. Heavy Equipment Operator Jobs: Mechanics

All types of heavy equipment require intense maintenance in order to keep everything running smoothly. Whether you know how to change the oil or work on motors and phase converters, there’s always a need for this specific type of mechanic.

Skilled heavy equipment mechanics are always in demand, and the job opportunities are plentiful. You may need special training and certification to demonstrate that you can work on large machinery. This job is lucrative since it’s always in demand and requires a lot of hard work and flexibility.

6. Bulldozer Operator Jobs

You’ve probably seen bulldozers on all kinds of job sites, and that’s because this heavy equipment is one of the strongest and most reliable of all. This machinery is extremely powerful and can move a lot of dirt across open areas of land.

Bulldozers are commonly used on mining sites to help clear the land for the miners, and you can also find them on construction sites across the world. This job is definitely in demand, which means with proper training, you can become a bulldozer driver almost anywhere. When you operate a bulldozer, you’ll be responsible for moving the wide blade in front with two hydraulic pistons that move it at different depths and angles.

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7. Trencher Operators

A trencher is used to dig trenches that are typically designed for pipes and cables. This unique machinery comes in a range of sizes that can be small or extremely large in order to cut through pavement or asphalt.

A trench operator uses the machine’s conveyor system to carry the excavated material onto the ground next to it as it goes. This highly efficient piece of machinery uses different implements depending on how deep and wide the trench needs to be. Many cable installation companies and water supply utility providers need trencher operators to help them complete a variety of projects.

8. Dump Truck Drivers

With their classic bright color, dump trucks are the ultimate symbol of construction and heavy machinery. These huge trucks sit on big tires and feature a large bed on the back made for moving and dumping heavy material.

You’ll find dump trucks on almost every type of big job site or project, which means this job is in high demand. The trucks are road-ready so they can travel from one location to another with ease, making them a versatile piece of machinery, too.

Make Your Heavy Equipment-Operating Dream Job a Reality

If you’ve always wanted to look into heavy equipment operator jobs, this career is always in high demand. From road construction to skyscrapers and oil fields, there’s a constant need for experienced operators.

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