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5 Effective Tips for Improving Productivity at a Construction Jobsite

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5 Effective Tips for Improving Productivity at a Construction Jobsite

Is job productivity suffering on your current construction site? Have you fallen behind schedule and can’t seem to find a way to catch up?

If so, you’re not alone. As many as 60% of all construction projects are delivered late.

Although the reasons vary, a major contributor is reduced worker productivity. One study listed long hours, fatigue, and low morale as key factors affecting jobsite productivity.

How can you rally your workers and get those production levels soaring again? Here are our 5 best tips for improving construction productivity.

1. Improve Team Communication

The fastest way to slow down a project is when no one is sure what they’re doing.

Keep an open line of communication between yourself and your workers. Make sure everyone knows exactly what’s expected of them each day.

Update them with any changes to the project or individual assignments. Send out regular emails or texts to keep everyone on the same page safety meeting topics.

2. Reward Your Workers

Construction is grueling work. Your team may labor long hours in the blistering hot sun or frigid winter conditions.

Show them you value their hard work but finding ways to reward them–often. Did they meet a major goal today? Treat them to pizza and bucket of beers.

Have they been putting in regular overtime? Surprise them with an unscheduled long weekend so they can rest and spend time with their families.

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Adding a climate-controlled trailer to your jobsite can do wonders for morale too. Being able to take a break from the elements with a fresh cup of coffee is just one of many jobsite trailer benefits.

3. Be a Great Listener

Communication is key–but it’s also a two-way street.

It won’t do you much good to communicate with your team if you’re not ready to listen to their concerns too.

Do they need new tools? Is one of the jobsite goals unrealistic? Is someone underqualified for the task he’s assigned?

Keep an open mind and open ears when your workers express concern. They may help you uncover the key to boosting productivity throughout the site.

4. Set Reasonable Goals

No building goes up overnight. The bigger your project, the longer it’s going to take.

Keep everyone motivated by setting reasonable daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Be sure to reward and celebrate whenever those goals are met.

On days when everyone seems to be dragging, remind them of the positive impact the new building will have on the community. The end goal can be a powerfully motivating factor!

5. Keep Track of Inventory

A sure way to bring a project to a halt is by running out of the materials you need.

Don’t let this happen to you. Track your materials weekly (or daily, if necessary) to ensure you won’t run out at a crucial moment.

New materials may take some time to come in, so order anything you need well in advance. Otherwise, you could end with a jobsite full of workers with no supplies to work with.

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Ready for a More Productive Jobsite?

With a little effort, you can boost your construction workers’ morale and get them working harder–and happier–than ever before.

The next time production levels dip, refer back to the list above. Implementing these tips is sure to result in a more productive construction jobsite.

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