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Can shoes cause feet to swell?

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Can shoes cause feet to swell?

The general discussion 

It is well known that even the most comfortable type of shoes is sometimes hard to retain on your feet if working and standing for multiple hours. This type of shoes is not unanimous across the market and can give you multiple headaches if you try to decipher which one of them is the most suitable for your individual needs.

Both sneakers and casual shoes are candidates to create feet swelling. By talking about swollen feet, we are describing a situation where most of the feet surface is covered by areas of excessive liquid that comes from the vessels and creates a sense of discomfort to the user.

This swelling is responsible for a series of adverse events like pain on the foot curve area and lack of mobility. Not to mention, that swollen feet may lead to other more serious kinds of diseases like the ones that are related to the circulatory system. This situation must be rapidly removed, and the selection of the right shoes is getting much critical importance.

The right sneakers don’t give you extra swelling

There are the right kind of athletic shoes which can protect you from swelling. This type of footwear features extra cushioning to the heel and foot arch areas so that the soft tissues of the footbed are adequately protected against adverse powers coming from the interaction with the rough terrain.

Not to mention, that the textiles or synthetic leather that covers the upper mesh and shaft parts of the shoes are giving more breathability to the inner part of the footwear. This is extremely important to prevent sweating that can be causing the extra swelling that you observe when wearing the shoes for prolonged hours.

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Another critical part of the shoes that you are about to choose is the insole. This part of the shoe is the most vulnerable to pressures from the environment and can cause more swelling since there is no supportive mechanism from the inside. Lately, big brand shoes companies have added extra foamy material in the insole giving you more comfort when walking or training and preventing the swelling phenomena.

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Finally, the lacing system can also be provoking more swelling to your feet while wearing them during the working day or at leisure time. This special part of the shoes is usually redesigned to exert the less amount of pressure to the foot arch and give you more room to mobilize the ankle and toe fingers so that swelling does not make its appearance.

The list of exercises that prevent feet swelling 

If you want your feet to be swelling-free then you need to know about the exercises that help you keeping them fit at all times. First, you need to be reassured that you have more space for your toe fingers. This happens only when you have your outsole made of special rubber alloys that allow more flexibility to the user and enhanced room made in the forefoot area.

In addition, you need to have your ankle area attached to the foot arch steadily. This doesn’t necessarily means that these separate structures don’t have a certain level of freedom to move independently one to each other. But the idea is to move your ankle against your foot arch whenever you want to ensure that there is no swelling when putting on your shoes.

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Moreover, there is the heel protection exercises. You can make sure you are able to stand on your toe fingers so that you can relax the muscles and tendons in the heel area. This is of crucial importance to relieve all the pressure from the rear foot area and avoid the swelling on your feet.

Final thought on shoes that prevent swelling 

As you have probably realized the type of shoes you are wearing plays a great role in the overall health of your feet. There is no connection between the casual or good shoes for tendonitis kind of shoes you are choosing to wear. The only prohibition is to take control of the various components of the shoes and take advantage of their special abilities that help you find your comfort when wearing them for long hours.

The swelling is a natural procedure of the body to prevent the loss of muscle mass from the footbed when excessive pressure and adverse powers are exerted to the sensitive structures of the feet. The soft tissues are there to protect the integrity of the foot arch and keep the feet anatomy closer to the original one.

You must ensure that the type of footwear you are choosing to wear are compatible with the local hygiene authorities’ accreditations and can provide adequate support to the feet at any given time. The right shoes give you more joy when you wear them and minimize the chance of swelling that can give you feelings of anger and distress.

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