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Bikes For Long Distance vs Bikes For Short Commutes: How to Choose

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Is a city bicycle or hybrid bike for men or women right for you and your commute? The answer is dependent on several factors and considerations. It is not as simple as finding a bike style you like because while a cruiser may look nice, it is not practical in every scenario. Therefore, take the time to consider all of your options before you choose a style.    

Preferences and Needs

Before you go and buy that beach cruiser for sale, consider your specific needs and preferences. For example, are you a fine of the upright riding position common with cruisers, or the wide handles? Also, with limited gears and sparse design, the cruiser may not be enough bike for distance riding.

Distance and Terrain

Beyond determining the options that will make you most comfortable when riding, you will also need to consider the terrain and distance of your average commute. Do you ride over a variety of surfaces, best value electric bike such as pavement, gravel and dirt paths? Not every bike is capable of handling varying terrain. Also, not every bike is suitable for long-distance riding.

Rider Position and Gearing Options

Next, how do you like to ride? Hunched over? Straight back? Also, is it necessary to have multiple gears or none? Unfortunately, that is a personal decision. However, if your route is uneven and full of hills, then having many gears is likely a must.

Bicycle Options

Whatever your preference, there are many options to suit your specific needs. When it comes to commuter bikes, there are at least eight options.

  1. Urban Bikes

    Urban bikes are newer and made for city riding. These bikes are uncomplicated and offer a comfortable ride for shorter distances.
  2. Flat-bar Road Bikes

    Road bikes are known for high-tech features and performance, but the riding position can be slightly uncomfortable. The flat-bar road bike resolves that issue while maintaining the luxuries of other bikes.
  3. Single Speed and Fixed Gear

    Fixed gear bikes are stripped down and great for city riding. Because of the single-speed option, these bikes allow for reliability and low-maintenance.
  4. Hybrid Models

    Distance is typically not a problem for hybrid bikes. These bicycles allow for intermittent breaks while the motors maintain speed.
  5. Road Bikes

    Offering a more athletic experience, road bikes are made for distance. However, they will not allow the same amenities as other, more rugged options.
  6. Folding Bikes

    If you live in an apartment, or if your commute requires public transportation, then a folding or portable bike might be perfect. These bikes offer a rugged and compact solution for eco-friendly travel.
  7. Touring Bikes

    If you travel far and need to lug some heavy loads, then a touring bike is likely for you. These bikes work on a variety of terrains and in all-weather. Sporting wider tires and a sturdy frame, these bicycles are work-horses.
  8. Power Assist Bikes

    Power assist bikes offer a little boost when pedaling, allowing for faster travel. In terms of bicycling as a sport, this option might be considered cheating, but it is excellent for getting through traffic and to work on time.

Which bike is right for you? Consider all of your options, and then head over to your favorite bike shop and try a few options.

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