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What Dresses Look Best On Plus Size Guests for a Wedding?

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Throughout the years, plus size clothing has grown at full tilt with a total market sale of 20.4 billion in the U.S. On average, a plus-size dress can range from as low as $90 to as much as $637 depending on the quality and manufacturer. It is just a matter of an individual’s choice, whether to spend high or not, whereas all of us would never compromise on the looks part when attending an amazing wedding theme.

The continuous growth of plus size clothing offers many options for people in search of plus size wedding guest dresses. With several options available, picking the right plus size, wedding guest dresses can be delicate since you have to consider factors like season, theme, and location.

As a general rule of thumb, wedding guests should avoid colors like white, ivory, gold, champagne, or the ones worn by the bridesmaids. Interestingly, guests might also steer clear of black and red dresses, especially when attending Hindu or Chinese ceremonies.

Keep scrolling and find out the best plus size wedding guest dresses. Always look for a dress that does justice to your figure instead of settling for a fit-and-flare gown.

Lace Cocktail Dresses and Gowns

Accentuate your shoulder and arms with lace cocktail gowns, which create symmetry to balance out a more top-heavy figure. The lower neckline and extensive detailing of the lace would not show your broad outline, but instead, it will display a more elongated frame.

Maxi Dresses

Similar to lace gowns, maxi dresses will emphasize your height instead of your shoulder, displaying a more protracted and taller look.

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Maxi dresses come in various choices, but among the most flexible options include darker shades of floral off-shoulder and wrap variations. What’s more, maxi dresses also fit well-cropped jackets, eye-catching accessories, and high heels.

Empire-waist Gowns

Unlike maxi and lacey gowns, empire-waist dresses work strategically to tone down the mid-section while simultaneously emphasizing your upper body. In most cases, an empire-waist gown features a refined high-low hemline, flutter sleeves, and curved neckline, which will frame your collarbone and face.

Moreover, the neckline also adds a supporting feature to the bust area that draws attention away from the belly area. Choose an empire-waist gown with a built-in boning or corset to prevent your dress from slipping.

Tailored Pieces are a Good Option

Alternatively, choose tailored pieces from Kiyonna, which is specially made for your body size. Unlike the dresses mentioned above, tailored options provide a seductive juxtaposition to your figure and curves.

Plus, tailored pieces are also examined by the talented tailors from Kiyonna to ensure precision in all stitches. Dissimilar to off-the-rack stuff, customized dresses are made of better fabrics that have the right sleeve or body lengths and provide ease in the neck area.

More than anything else, a customized dress not only has fewer inconsistencies. It also has beautiful weaves to avert constant wrinkling and provides sufficient space to breathe.

On top of everything else, tailored pieces also offer further customization options that enable you to add a design that expresses your personality.

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