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A Beginner’s Guide To Starting A Vlogging Career

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The progress of the internet has massively impacted individuals to share different information with all users located anywhere in the world. The various social media platforms have made tasks more manageable. Video content has gained much popularity, where vlogging has become essentially significant.

First of all, you should not confuse vlogging with blogging. Blogging is expressing views by writing creative posts, whereas vlogging is a video version of blogging. It can be a video recording anything related to your daily life, fitness, travel, hobbies, etc.

Social Media Platform And Their Influence On Vlogging

As a beginner in vlogging, the first thing which comes in mind is to get more views from people. The more the number of views on your vlog, the more popularity you will gain. You can, of course, rely on social media platforms to get more viewers for your vlog.


The primary social media platform which gives considerable scope to showcase your talent and creativity in vlogging is YouTube. Secure video sharing, gaining immense popularity, sharing different information can easily be produced through YouTube.

Sharing videos as a beginner can be fun for a newbie. In addition to video sharing, YouTube also has live streaming features. This feature helps the vloggers to go live and interact with their viewers, arrange question-answer sessions, etc.


After YouTube, the next crucial social platform is Facebook. You can easily share your vlogs through Facebook, and sharing-resharing can make you a popular vlogger easily. In fact, if you have a dedicated YouTube channel, you can promote it through your Facebook page.



Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites and vloggers can use this for their benefits. But we need to keep in mind that not all Instagram followers won’t understand the significance of visual images or content, unlike YouTube. Although IGTV is a new feature, it’s gaining more popularity.

  • You can arrange giveaway competitions for your followers
  • You can put a sneak peek of your vlog through IGTV and link down the channel description.
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Here are a few tips and guidelines which you need to learn as a beginner if you want to start as a vlogger.

Using A Smart Phone

If you are a beginner, you should invest in a smartphone/tablet for vlogging trails instead of any high-end camera.

  • Shoot your videos by putting your phone in an airplane mode to avoid calls
  • You may use a universal phone stand to hold your phones in the correct position and record the videos. Always take testing shots for 2-3mins and if you are happy with the shots then start recording.
  • Edit your videos on your phone or laptop. There are great editing apps like iMovie if you are an iPhone user for video editing.


Vlogging Camera

Creating excellent videos and getting the audience interested in your content, you may invest in a good camera. A beginner after spending a sufficient amount of time in the vlogging field should invest in a budget-friendly and flip screen camera.

  • While taking videos, focus on the video quality resolution. There are 720p,1080p, and 4k in the camcorders which equate to HD, Full HD and Ultra HD each better version than the older.
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi in your camera can save time for video editing.
  • Microphones – To fetch more viewer’s attention for your videos you need excellent sound quality too. In regular cameras, you will not get this feature, but you can invest in external mics for vlogging with great sounds.
  • Stabilizer or Gimbals is mainly used in the cameras to avoid or reduce the blurry or shaky effects of the vlogs. Stabilizers make the video quality smoother.


Choosing Content/Topic

After the equipment, the essential thing about vlogging is the content of your vlog. You can select any topics like traveling, food, your hobbies, fitness, daily life, DIY tutorials, etc. based on your preference and knowledge.

Simple And Authentic

Pay attention to crisp and simple vlog content making. Don’t pile up unnecessary large video clips and make the vlog looks clumsy. Try to make the vlogs shorter for 5-6 mins maximum with an exciting idea.


Good Editing Software

After recording a video, attach your laptop monitor stand and start editing your videos on your PC comfortably. Editing will help you to merge video clips and images together. For beginners, the best editing software for free is Windows Movie Maker. This software has all the requisite features which can be used for beginner’s vlogging.

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There are few paid editing software like Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc. These types of software have extra additional features for video editing and provide a professional look. If you are a beginner, then it’s highly suggested that you go for the free software first.


Follow Trends

Keep an eye on the professional or famous vloggers and also understand your viewer’s needs and choice. Try to look for the most searched topic by your viewers. Maintain uniqueness and authenticity in your vlogs following the trending vlogs. This will no doubt bring more viewers to your channel.

When you start vlogging make sure to go for a right banner and logo. This will help you with your branding and promotion later.

Create Vlog Schedules

This is a significant factor when you are thinking to start a vlogging career. If you are a daily vlogger, put more time in creating more videos and uploading them on time. Same goes with other vloggers. Inconsistency can affect you to lose your viewers.


Interact With Viewers

The more interactive you are with your viewers or followers they will be more interested in your channel.

  • Place your tablet on a tablet tripod against the flat surface and go live with your viewers
  • Do question-answer sessions or take advice for the next topic of vlogging
  • Try keeping your viewers giving sneak peeks about the vlog making or behind the scenes.
  • Recycling your content won’t fetch you many viewers.
  • Announce giveaway contests or maybe do shout out for shout out on Instagram.



Vlogging is a new trending industry which is proliferating. But when you are just starting, always remember that everything happens with time. All the famous vloggers are consistent, have seen failures and have shown extreme patience for their growth. Keep up the positivity and work hard to get the success.

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