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Bedspreads; the Key Element of Bedding

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We, humans, are always searching for something that can make our sleep more comfortable and comfy, and probably this is the key element of designing the bedroom. We design our bedroom for our comfort; we carefully select all the parts off bedding, i.e., mattress, duvets, bedspreads and pillows. But there is one more thing that comes next to comfort and that is the “latest trend,” we must know what is going popular? What are the great color schemes? Which products are available? From where can we get the best?  Well, all these questions have only one answer, “research.” Research the trends, trusted stores, and color techniques online. Now, when you talk about the trending bedspreads, in this article, we will cover the trending bedspread themes, designs and care tips. Let’s go…

Modern trends of bedspreads

  • Bedding bedspreads are the most essential part of any bedding set. They come in many sizes, colors, and designs. Here are a few trending ideas about the bedding bedspreads;
  • Layering the bed has gone out of fashion. Fluffly and thick beddings do not look modern. So we recommend you not to add layers to your bed. Also, do not go for the extra thick and fluffy bedspreads. Instead go for a more tailored bedspread, tuck the bedspread into the bed frame. 
  • Do not drape the bedspreads, as its trend has gone.
  • Add brighter and colorful pillows and throws to create a chic look.
  • If you have a duvet along with the comforter, fold and drape it. It will create a more modern look.
  • Use bedspreads with large pattern prints, and tuck it into the bed frame to achieve a classy, traditional, and trending look.
  • Get the bedding bedspread that complements well to your bedding cover and the interior.
  • The bedspread should be larger than the mattress, therefore measure your mattress before buying the bedspread. Do not buy the bedspread bigger than the size of your mattress, or it will look old fashioned.
  • Go for lighter and cooling shades because they fit well into the interior and make the room look bigger and brighter.

How to Care for Your Bedding Bedspread?

  • The bedspreads are always laid on the bed and remain there for the whole day. Therefore, there is an excellent chance of getting them dirty. The bedspreads are covered with bedspread covers, which help the bedspread to protect from dust, dirt, germs, and mists. These covers are available in ant designs, colors and shapes. They help to decorate the bed as well.
  • Bedspreads cover need to be washed and replaced regularly. Do not clean the bedspreads unless you have spilled something on it. Before washing the bedding bespread, follow the labeled instructions.
  • If there are any moisture and mildew, dry the bedspread cover thoroughly. You can dry the bedding bedspread cover both in the air or through the drying machines.
  • Store the bedding bedspreads in a cool, dry, and clean storage place.
  • Use a canvas storage bag to store the bedspreads and their covers.
  • If there is any smell, you can hang the bedspreads in the sunshine for a few days to gid rid of it.
  • The average lifetime of a bedding bedspread is ten years, but with the proper care, you can make it last longer.
  • Replace the bedspread if there is any lump or the bedspread seems flat. 
  • When buying a new bedspread, look the double-stitched ones, because double stitching keeps the stuff in and avoid leakage.
  • Do not eat on your bed.
  • Do not throw any bag, luggage, shoes, laptops, and mobile phone on the bedding bedspread. It will damage the texture and make a bedspread flat.
  • Do not wash the bedding bedspreads cover with other clothes, or it will damage the color and texture.
  • Do not let the pets sit on the bedspread; their paws can damage the texture of bedding bedspreads and make them look rough.
  • Clean and hand press the bedding bedspreads every morning to avoid wrinkles and make the bedspreads look fresh and clean.
  • Keep your bedroom clean, dry, and free of any foul smell. 
  • Better to spray fragrance regularly to make your bedding bedspreads smell fresh and appealing.


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