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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Buying Maternity Bras

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Mistakes When Buying Maternity Bras

New Zealand has one of the lowest populations in the world with a density of 15 people for every kilometre. It is one of the reasons why the country has able to maintain its lush forests and natural attractions, which draw in millions of tourists every year. In 2010, the country struggled with teen pregnancies, so much so that it zoomed past several countries to stay near the top in the global rankings. Fortunately, the government managed to stem the tide based on the 2019 report.

Apart from health risks, pregnancy comes with certain responsibilities. The biggest consequence, of course, is the financial costs. When you are carrying a child, you need to buy vitamins, nutritious food, maternity dresses, and maternity bras in NZ.

According to the Australian Breastfeeding Association, most of the drastic changes occur around the four-month stage of pregnancy. You need to be fitted with new bras at this time. Of course, you will have to make adjustments as your body changes. Generally, you will have to change bras two or three times during the entire duration of your pregnancy.

However, one of the many misconceptions regarding maternity bras is that you simply have to go larger. But it is not as simple as that.

Fortunately, you are not charting new territory. Here are the common mistakes to avoid when purchasing maternity bras in NZ.

  1. Buying too early — Some expectant mothers might get ahead of themselves in their excitement that they purchase maternity bras right away. It still depends on their bodies. Some women are lucky enough not to notice any major changes in their breast sizes and they stay on the A cup throughout the pregnancy. Some women, meanwhile, go up three to four cup sizes. If your bras still fit, there is no need to buy.
  2. Not measuring their bust size — Begin measuring when you are in your fourth month of pregnancy. It allows you to regulate your milk supply. You measure around lunchtime when your breasts are at their fullest. When you are around the seventh or eighth month, your breasts would have grown to their maximum size so your maternity bras should last you until delivery.
  3. Not taking into account their body shape — If you have a broad back or your breasts are separated, a balcony-shaped bra would be ideal for you. You can buy a cross-back if you have a narrow frame. If the other breast is larger than the other, you can try a t-shirt bra that features a pad on the smaller boob. If your breasts are close together, you will benefit from buying a plunge-shape maternity bra.
  4. Not looking into the number of hooks — Maternity bras contain more hooks compared to the standard underwear. But some women do not consider this when purchasing an item. When you are in your trimester, especially, opt for about 4-6 hooks, along with eyes on the back band. You will appreciate the additional support they provide.
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Choosing maternity bras are more complicated compared to your standard bra. But it is not something to be intimidated at either. Make sure to avoid the typical mistakes listed above so you can enjoy your maternity bras.

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