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10 Anniversary Dating Ideas: Special Way to Celebrate

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The wedding has always been a milestone date of every couple’s life. It is the journey to a new beginning in life with new people. So, it needs grandeur of celebration to welcome this day in your life. Like a birthday, every year we come across our anniversary days. There are different ways of celebrating the anniversary day with gift and date ideas.

1) Relive Your Wedding Day

The best way to celebrate your wedding day is to re-live your special day. Wear the same dresses, pretend to do the same things at the similar places you did on your wedding day. If you don’t want the celebration to be big, then keep it simple. Invite the closest of your family and friends and arrange for a small get together. For that, a cake and Champaign will be perfect. Light music will also go well to keep the mood refresh. Or, you can choose to keep it personal as well. You can cut a small cake and spend some intimate time with each other inside your home.

2) 365 Questions for Couples Book

This particular gift is best two times. One is for a newlywed arranged marriage couple. Second is for the old lovebirds. This particular book has 365 questions for both of you with one question allotted for each day. This is a great gift for the new married couple to know each other well. And for the old couple, this can be a funny thing to check how good they have known each other in all these years.

3) Renew Your Vows

 Vows are the purest things in a marriage. Taking vows in the time of marriage is a promise to each other that you would fulfil them all through. But after marriage, renewing the same vows on your anniversary day has some other meaning. It reflects that your love has grown deeper by following those vows for years. And you are promising to carry on following the vows for the rest of your life. The prime reason is you want your love to be unfathomable with your partner. If you want to make it a little special, then renew these vows with wedding anniversary flowers in your hand.

4) Couples Spa Day

We all are busy with our jobs. We have to run so fast with a time that we often take out time for each other. So, this anniversary date makes a little effort to take care of each other. There are certain spa stations that provide discount special service on special days. Grab such a spa coupon for both of you and surprise each other. Having a spa day together will make you both feel refreshed. This can be one of the coolest wedding anniversary gifts ever.

5) Go on an Adventure

 We advise you to take leave on your special day from your work. Life isn’t all about work and no fun. To make your anniversary memorable, do something exciting. Go for a day outing both of you in a place you have never been before. It can be hiking or exploring. If you live in hilly areas, then a day trekking will be a great plan to celebrate your special day. You can also have the adventure by trying something new in cutlery. Even if it fails to taste good, the experience will be priceless.

6) Have a Dream Night

couples dream night

There is a famous Chinese proverb that a couple that dreams together lives together forever. As both of you are equal parts of your lives now, you must share each other. Make a list of places you both want to visit and things you both want to try. Then, on each anniversary day, fulfil each one from that bucket list. Thus, slowly, you both can live your dream together. When such beautiful day ends, do not forget to wish each other good night in the most romantic way possible.

7) Say it with Music!

Say it with Music

Music has always been the best way to express your love for your partner. If you ask the best day, it has to be your anniversary day. This anniversary, send a soulful gift of your eternal love to your partner with the best musings. Just a karaoke version of a favourite song expressing love will be best to impress your spouse. Nothing can be a better anniversary gift than it is.

8) Count the Years with Surprises

Count the Years with Surprises

To be honest; love is countless as it never ages. But, days and years are not that much fortunate. You can send the anniversary gifts that they express the exact number of years. The years you both have spent with each other. A candle set will be a good gift. If it is over a decade, flower bouquet with the exact numbers of years of flowers will also be exquisite.

9) Propose Your Sweetheart

Propose Your Sweetheart

No matter how many times you have proposed your sweetheart, you are always welcome to do it for another time. Love and words about love never get old. If you are tight on budget and strict in time, do not worry. A proposal with a bouquet of flowers from cheap flowers delivery site will always melt her/his heart.

10) Narrate  Your Love Story to the World

Narrate  Your Love Story to the World

Do not get it wrong. This is nothing about an advertisement. It is to narrate your love story to the world in a different way. When you and your love is on a drive, tell a radio station to narrate your love story. Do not forget to tune in that station when they are narrating the story. Your love will feel special about this gift.

The above are the best ways to wish a happy anniversary to your love.

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