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7 Types of Car Accidents That Are Common on U.S. Roads

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7 Types of Car Accidents That Are Common on U.S. Roads

Americans are involved in about 6 million car accidents every year. From minor fender-benders that cause next to no damage to major crashes that result in serious injuries and even death, car accidents have, unfortunately, become inescapable.

There are many different types of car accidents that affect American drivers, too. You can put yourself in a better position to prevent them by learning about each one and knowing how to avoid them.

Let’s take a closer look at the seven most common types of car accidents on U.S. roads.

1. Rear-End Collisions

Most rear-end collisions take place at relatively low speeds. They occur when one driver accidentally runs into the back of another driver, often at stoplights or stop signs.

The fact that many of these accidents happen at low speeds doesn’t make them any less scary, though! Of all the different types of car accidents listed here, they might be the scariest for those who are hit from behind because they usually don’t see the other car coming.

They can also cause serious injuries like whiplash. This law office can help you build a case if you’re ever involved in a rear-end collision.

2. Sideswipe Collisions

Sideswipe accidents are probably the least serious car accidents when it comes to injuries. That’s because these accidents involve two cars that are driving in the same direction that bump into one another.

Every now and then, a driver will lose control of their car when they get sideswiped and get involved in a more serious crash. But more often than not, drivers are able to walk away from sideswipe collisions with little more than minor cosmetic damage to their vehicles.

3. Side-Impact Collisions

People are always in such a hurry these days that they’ll do anything to avoid sitting at a red light. That includes speeding up when a light is yellow or even red to get through it.

This can lead to side-impact collisions, which are also sometimes called T-bone collisions. They happen when one car runs into the side of another car with its front end.

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There are about 800 people killed each day in side-impact collisions at red lights. These car accidents can also occur at busy intersections and in parking lots in some cases.

4. Head-On Collisions

The vast majority of car accidents are not fatal. Only about 6% of them end with at least one person getting killed.

But of all the different types of car accidents, head-on collisions result in deaths the most often. This is at least partly because most head-on collisions take place at higher rates of speed than other car crashes.

As their name would suggest, head-on collisions refer to accidents that involve two cars running directly into one another. You want to avoid these types of car accidents at all costs when you’re out on the road.

5. Single-Car Accidents

When people think about car crashes, they usually think about one car running into another car.

But that’s not the way that accidents always play out. There are also plenty of single-car accidents that happen throughout the course of a year.

Drivers involved in single-car accidents often run into things like trees, guardrails, and even buildings and homes. These accidents are caused by things like:

  • Drivers texting and driving
  • Drivers driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Drivers speeding a lot quicker than they should
  • Drivers trying to drive on slippery roads
  • Drivers attempting to drive while they’re fatigued

Single-car accidents are usually some of the most preventable car crashes. By staying off the roads when they’re icy or putting your cell phone away when you’re driving, you can avoid these kinds of car accidents.

6. Rollover Accidents

Sports-utility vehicles, better known as SUVs, have taken over American roads in recent years. People love how large they are, and now that gas prices have come back down to earth, it doesn’t cost that much to fill their fuel tanks anymore.

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But one of the problems with SUVs is that they have higher centers of gravity compared to most other types of cars. This makes them susceptible to rollover accidents, which can cause SUVs to roll over on their sides and even flip several times in bad accidents.

Most rollover crashes occur when a driver attempts to take a turn at a high rate of speed. They lose control of their SUVs, and before they know it, they’re flipping over and rolling around.

You can decrease your chances of rolling your SUV over by slowing down, especially when you’re taking turns. Keep in mind that SUVs aren’t designed to handle turns like many other cars are.

7. Multi-Vehicle Pileups

Multi-vehicle pileups are among the very worst car accidents in the world. They usually happen when a steady stream of cars, trucks, and SUVs are involved in an accident on a highway with a lot of traffic on it.

This multi-vehicle pileup that took place in Wisconsin in early 2019, for example, involved 131 vehicles in total. Only one person was killed, but many others were injured. There was also a lot of damage done to the vehicles involved in it.

These types of car accidents often occur on days when it’s very foggy, snowy, or windy outside. It’s a good idea to stay off the roads when the conditions get to be that bad.

Steer Clear of Getting Into These Types of Car Accidents

It’s just about impossible to spend your whole life driving and not get into at least one or two car accidents. Studies have shown that the average person is involved in a crash about once every 18 years.

But you shouldn’t let that statistic stop you from trying to steer clear of the different types of car accidents mentioned here. You can keep yourself and your car safe by practicing defensive driving techniques and keeping your eyes on the road at all times.

Check out our blog to learn more about preventing car accidents from occurring.

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