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7 Things You Need to Know About Getting a Job After a DUI

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7 Things You Need to Know About Getting a Job After a DUI

You put in for a simple pizza delivery job and get called back a few days being asked to come in for an interview.  It goes great! You’ll be all clear to start as soon as your criminal background and drug test comes back.

Sadly, your background check doesn’t come back clear. There is an old DUI charge on it that you forgot about a long time ago. The interviewer informs you that they won’t be able to go forward with you.

Being informed about everything involving a DUI can help you in your search for a job after it’s all said and done. To help you stay updated, here is everything you need to know about getting a job after a DUI.

1. You’ll Have Reduced Opportunities

The first thing you should know after you get your first DUI charge is that you will have reduced job opportunities. Careers, where you have to drive a car such as a truck driver, bus driver, or even pizza delivery may be out of your reach now.

2. Do You Need to Disclose the DUI?

Once you find a job that doesn’t require you to have a spotless driving record, you may be wondering if you should disclose the DUI. The answer is absolutly.

If you’re not open and honest about it on your application then the interviewer may decide that you aren’t trustworthy. That’s one of the fastest ways to get your application thrown in the garbage.

3. What Happens When You Disclose it?

It all depends on the company. Some don’t think twice about a DUI even after you tell them about it and others will toss your application away. A lot of companies stand somewhere in the middle.

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They may find that a DUI is a huge red flag but if your qualifications are good, they’ll hire you anyway.

4. How to Talk About the DUI?

Always expect a question about the DUI to pop during the interview process. Prepare for it like you would any other interview question by having an answer ready.

The best way to approach it is to tell them that it was a mistake and then go on to talk about how you learned your lesson. Most importantly though, don’t bring up the DUI unless they ask you about it.

5. Can You Get the DUI Off Your Record?

There are ways for you to get a DUI off your criminal record.  It will still be on your driving record but you won’t have to let employers know about it anymore.

All you have to do is serve all your penalties and probation. Make sure to do all this alongside an experienced DUI lawyer.

Tips for Getting a Job After a DUI Charge

You may not think that a DUI charge could block you from getting a job but it can. If you use these tips for getting a job after a DUI charge though, you should still be able to find an appropriate means of employment.

Did this article help you get yourself employed? Visit the law section of our blog for more helpful tips like the ones you read here.

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