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6 Exercises That Keep Your Cat Healthy and In-Shape!

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If you have a cat who spends the majority of time snoozing, don’t worry its common. The study shows that a cat can sleep an average of at least 15 hours a day. But, even if their laziness is always talking, your feline must stay healthy. A survey by the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention indicates that around 60% of cats are obese.

If dog’s exercises are to be considered, it’s often a cinch; take him for a walk, play around, jog with him and whatnot. Every dog owner knows how to keep their furry friend moving. But, when it comes to cat cardio, things get a little tricky.

However, a little exercise can keep your cat strong, slim leading to a happier cat. Here is some exercise for your feline friend:

Find A Partner: 

Unlike dogs, cats don’t respond quickly. But with a friend, they are more likely to interact. So, start from two cats, and let them do their own chasing and fighting. 

Also, cats who are left alone become bored and morph on the couch potatoes, become depressed, and sometimes develop troublesome behavior. However, the two cats will keep them entertained by playing, cuddling, or fighting together.

Take Them For A Walk:

Dog’s are not just the one who loves spending time in the outdoors; cats also love the same. Allow your cat to roam around on the leash or harness safely, but make sure to use a high-quality and well-fitted harness.

Your house is more like a cat world to your kitty where they feel safe, but taking them out will connect them to the outer world. Of course, she might feel a little uncomfortable at first, let them get accustomed to the harness and then move out. 

Furthermore, cats are easy to train; all it takes some patience and consistency. Also, access the surroundings and check if there anyone mowing the lawn, or there’s a barking dog. Sounds like these can frighten your cat, so make sure they feel secure and happy when out. Do take care of flea and tick when taking your kitty outside. If you are a dog owner then you must know about some tips to keep your dog healthy.

Offer Toys and Unusual Things: 

Have you ever noticed that the toddler finds an empty cardboard box more entertaining than their toys. The same goes with a cat; give them unusual things and let them explore. Take empty cardboard, cut out a hole or two, and let your kitty explore. You can also hide stuff like a hidden treat, or a toy to let your feline friend.

Lasers are another unusual thing that keeps the cat busy and entertained. They think the beam as a bug creeping on the floor or wall. This way, the city will spend a good time chasing that beam, just make sure that you don’t put the light directly in their eyes.

Take Your Cat On Treadmill Or Wheel:

You can actually teach your cat to walk on a treadmill; just some practice is all they need. Also, it’s best if you start training when they are young and are packed with energy. 

Cat’s can run up to 30 miles per hour but go slow first. Also, supervise them when they are on a treadmill.

Try An Agility Course:

Gauge upon your cat’s curiosity and friskiness by creating an agility course. Include obstacles like boxes, hats, hoops for jump, cat towers, tunnels, and more. Be patient, as your cat will take some time to figure out everything. 

You might have seen this speed and challenges training on dogs or horses, but the cat also enjoys this. The training includes a number of hurdles like bars to jump over, tunnels to pass. This will push your feline, both mentally and physically.

Hiding Treats:

Hiding treats at various places is a fun way to get your cat moving around. Whether hiding treats in hand or underneath their bedding will engage your cat mentally and physically. Don’t overdo it as too many calories is not good for your feline health.

Getting your cat moving can be challenging, but with persistence and patience, you will not only push your kitty toward better health but will also help you discover more time to play.

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