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What to Do After a Car Wreck

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What to Do After a Car Wreck

What do you do after a car wreck?

For starters, you may be tempted to act based on your emotions.

Heck, why wouldn’t you? The driver at fault blindly ran the red light and wrecked your car bumper. You’re enraged and trying to resist raising your voice; lest you cause a scene.

In spite of your emotions, you have to shift your focus from the trauma of what had just happened so as to think clearly on the appropriate thing to do.

So, here’s the right procedure to follow after a car wreck accident:

1. Assess the Situation

One of the most crucial things to do immediately after the accident is to check whether anyone needs medical care, including yourself. No matter how small the injuries seem, you need to call an ambulance for a comprehensive diagnosis.

If the cars aren’t causing a major problem with the traffic, don’t move them from the scene. If they’re, try getting them to the shoulder of the road and set up reflective emergency triangles to warn oncoming drivers.

You also need to call the police to help assess the scene and give you an official accident report needed for insurance.

2. Collect Information

It’s recommended that you collect any necessary information about the driver(s) involved and damage to the vehicles.

Generally, all you need to keep an account of, is the other driver’s car insurance company, car model, and their vehicle plate number. If the driver is willing, you may also ask them for their license information, just to confirm their identity.

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You can use your phone to take pictures or videos of the accident. If there are any witnesses, take their names and audio details concerning the accident.

3. Call Your Insurer

Call your insurer from the scene if possible, they’ll be able to advise you accordingly.

In most cases, you’ll be advised not to admit liability since you may not be fully aware of the circumstances of the accident.

Besides, it’s up to the police and insurance companies to decide who is at fault. Even if the damage is minor and no one is hurt, you should still report to your insurer.

This protects you in case the other party decides to file a claim against you or if you discover further damage to your vehicle later on.

4. Don’t Be Quick to Leave

Unless you’re seriously injured, it’s best that you stay on the scene till the vehicles are towed away.

If you leave, chances are, the other driver may accuse you of the accident. Thus, be there so that you can tell your side of the story to the investigating officer.

5. Decide Whether to File a Claim

If the accident isn’t your fault, you can file a claim against the other party to compensate on the damaged caused.

This can be helpful especially if the accident resulted in serious injuries. If you’re not contented with the compensation offered, you may want to contact a personal injury lawyer to elevate the claim to a lawsuit.

You can also file a claim for personal injuries through your own insurer, whether the accident was your fault or the other party’s.

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Don’t Let a Car Wreck Accident Ruin Your Day!

Knowing what to do immediately after a car wreck accident can save you lots of stress associated with accidents. The tips above will guide how to go about this traumatic process.

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