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Motorcycle vs Car Accidents: Is One Worse Than the Other?

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Motorcycle vs Car Accidents: Is One Worse Than the Other?

Motorcycle related accidents contributed to more than 5000 deaths in the United States in the year 2017. Concerns have emerged on the extent of exposure you may be prone to while cruising as a rider. This is despite the observable embrace of motorbikes among Americans.

The grave facts about motor-related wrecks underscore the need to have adequate legal know-how in case of an accident. But most bikers are oblivious of the fact that motorcycle accidents can be fatal. But even when they do not lead to death they can cause potentially disastrous bodily injuries.

Most riders who are involved in smashups incur substantial financial and physical losses. This is as compared to automobile injuries. Nevertheless, what are the actual differences between automobile accidents and motorcycle crashes?

Understanding the difference between motorcycle vs car accidents. This is especially when it comes to suffering injuries on the road and comprehensive statistics.

Numbers in Perspective

You stand a 30 percent chance of motorcycle-related death, as compared to the rates of fatalities due to car accidents. While motorcycles represent only 2% of the total registered auto engines, they cause more than 5000 deaths each year. The figures are a confirmation of the danger that looms each time a rider hits the road.

You’ll likely stand a higher risk of sustaining severe injuries while on the road as rider due to other additional issues related to the nature of a motorcycle.

The Structure of a Motorcycle Increase the Risk

As compared to driving a car, a motorcyclist often stands the risk of sustaining serious bodily harm considering the structural makeup of most motorbikes. A vehicle can offer certain levels of protection to the driver considering the extent of mechanical advantage that cars have over motorcycles.

Bikes lack useful and standard safety features required by the law to safeguard the rider or the passenger in case of cars. The chance of sustaining severe injuries in case of a motorcycle injury cannot be comparable to those incidents where cars are involved. Your motorbike lacks features such as airbags or crumple zones that would be critical in case of a crash.

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Motorcycle statistics, therefore, indicate more horrific outcomes in case of an accident than most car crashes would. The difference is because the first contact in case of a motorcycle accident is a direct hit on the rider or the passenger on-board.

The Extent of Injury

Car drivers have been involved in accidents in the past and emerged unscathed despite the damage to their vehicles. But in most cases, where motorcycles are concerned, there is an unfortunate extent of bodily injury, which can be extreme. Brain damage is the most common permanent injury that affects most riders.

While helmets reduce the risk of brain damage considerably, most of the cases lead to severe disabilities that contribute to massive financial losses. Other situations, such as the breakage of joints or the spine, may leave you bed-ridden for a long time if not forever.

In other cases, soft tissue injuries or fractures may render the motorcyclists helpless for a while. The observations show the reality that unlike in the case of car accidents, motorbike crashes often leave behind physical and financial injuries regardless of the impact.

Why are Motorcyclists More Prone to Accidents?

While comparing motorcycle vs car crashes, most motorbike riders stand accused of speeding while on the roads. The extent of overconfidence exuded by these riders often leads to inattentive lane splitting. This endangers their lives and those of other road users. Sudden stops may also have a contributory effect on the rates of motorcycle accidents.

Cars rarely face such concerns, perhaps due to the mobility limitations they have due to size and makeup. Consequently, it is common to encounter motorcycle incidents that may be traceable back to the rider.

But in other cases, automobile drivers also increase the risk of motorcycle-related deaths due to the failure to observe the set rules. Left-turn accidents have been cited as some of the common concerns.

While inexperienced drivers also habitually expose the riders to high risks. You should understand your rights and obligations while on the road as a rider.

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When Reviewing Motorcycle Vs Car accident, Bikers are Considered Inherently Reckless

Accident attorneys underscore a rather unfortunate trend where the police perceive motorcyclists as naturally careless while on the road. This means that you are likely to encounter a rather unfriendly court process due to the underlying perception that is shared by jurors.

You will experience greater extents of prejudice as a biker when appealing for justice because of the preset assumption of liability.

The notion is responsible for the notable extent of disrespect you’re likely to face as a rider. Motorcycle accident lawyers note that motorcycle riders have the same degree of legal rights as any other motorist on the road. You stand an equal chance to be heard and compensated in case of a motorcycle-related accident.

Basic Advice on Safety for Bikers

If you are a biker, all these hazards and risks surround you when on the road. Taking extra caution is critical so that you can be on the right side of the law in case of an accident. Ensure that while riding in Miami, you maintain a considerable buffer zone between you and the next motorist.

You should also stay focused to avoid potentially dangerous maneuvers. Motor accident attorneys also underscore the need to always have protective gear. Such safety measures having helmets on in case of unforeseen accidents.

What to Do In Case of an Accident

Having a trusted motorcycle attorney on standby in case of an accident is vital. Have you or people you may know suffered a personal injury while operating a motorcycle? The first thing you need to do is to contact an accident attorney.

Visit here for all the details about motorcycle accidents and the legal support options available to you.

As a Motorcyclist, Having Legal Support On Standby Is Critical

Considering the extent of risk you are exposed to as a biker, you need to have a motorcycle accident lawyer by your side at all times. You have now learned of the differences that exist when comparing motorcycle vs car accidents. While exercising caution is imperative, your rights as a rider cannot be under-emphasized.

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