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How to Get Clients: 10 Ways to Increase Your Law Firm Sales

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How to Get Clients: 10 Ways to Increase Your Law Firm Sales

Finding and having clients is critical to any business.

It’s how a business generates profit. It’s how they build business relationships.

But the single most important question that any business should ask is, “how do I get clients.”

This is especially important for any law firm, new or old, who are looking at how to get clients. If you’re a new law student graduate and are looking to start a firm or work as a solo practitioner, chances are that a lot of people don’t know what you do since you just graduated.

How you get clients will determine your success as someone who is just starting out.

Having clients can increase your law firm’s profit margin, which is an increase in sales. Here’s what you need to know about how to get clients that can help your law firm generate profit.

1. Create a Blog

Creating a blog on your business website can help people see what you do. It’s an effective way on how to get clients, so they can understand what you do and how you can help them.

Your prospective clients will also be Googling everything they can to help them figure out legal issues before they come to you. This is why it’s important to have a blog where people can reach your helpful advice. When they need help, they will think about you.

2. Have an Email List

Having an email list can help you stay connected with your core audience by sending out a weekly newsletter or just a weekly email.

Similar to blogging, newsletters give you the opportunity to keep your core prospective clients engaged and interested in what you do. They are informed by current events that might affect their business or their lifestyle, which is why a lawyer would come in handy.

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A weekly email can also help you answer Q&A from people who are on your list. You can give free advice up to a certain point and schedule appointments thereafter by hyperlinking parts of your email.

3. Offer a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet can be a PDF guide that helps your core audience solve a specific problem. It can be a how-to guide on something specific, such as starting a business, or how to avoid legal issues in something particular.

A lead magnet ultimately guides a prospective customer into understanding a specific legal issue. They may understand the difficulty of the process, which can help you as a legal firm land them as a client.

4. Public Speaking

Speaking at a chamber of commerce event or as a guest speaker at a public event is another way to give your core audience some insight on what you do.

It also helps people see how legal issues can complicate their business, which is why a lawyer or specifically your firm can help them.

Public speaking events also build trust with your audience. People can ask you questions and get to know you before hiring you. That will build trust between and another business.

5. Ask Friends and Family

One of the best ways to find clients is to ask friends and family if they know anyone. It’s almost too obvious, but can be overlooked.

Asking friends and family on social media and in-person gives you another to network for free and just get your a name out.

6. Join Specific Communities

Joining Facebook groups, Instagram groups, LinkedIn groups, and private local networking groups also you to understand other businesses.

It gives you an opportunity to network without trying to force your business on others. The goal is to help businesses solve a problem and understand a problem without charging them.

Lawyers need to build trust, like any business, and joining specific communities and helping people out is how you can build this trust.

7. Referral Networking

Referral networking is connecting with other businesses in the hopes of connecting one another. For instance, if you meet a doctor and they are looking for more business, you would recommend others to him because it is part of the same referral network.

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This same method applies to lawyers.

Lawyers can join other business networking sites with other professionals or with other lawyers. It gives others the chance to recommend your services.

Car accident lawyer referral networking is a great example that connects you with a team of lawyers.

8. Build a Social Media Presence

In recent years social media has become more and more powerful in business.

Having a Facebook business page or an Instagram page gives you the opportunity to show people your business, not just friends and family.

It also gives you the opportunity to do some marketing on social media.

9. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are perfect for any business looking for lead generation.

Lawyers can create lead generation Facebook ads to add leads to an email sequence or direct them to make an appointment.

10. Instagram Ads

Similar to Facebook ads, you can also have your lead generation ads on Instagram. You can put them on stories and posts.

It’s another way for your legal firm or your individual services to be shown to your core audience, so they can connect with you and schedule an appointment.

Now You Know How to Get Clients

If you just graduated law school or you a legal firm always looking at how to get clients, these 10 ways can help you find clients and increase your sales more than just doing 2 to 3 of these things.

There are always ways to find clients, you have to be willing to try modern marketing approaches that give your legal firm and yourself more credibility.

People want to trust their lawyers. This requires understanding what they do and how they do it. As a legal firm or a solo lawyer, you have to be prepared to help people find an answer so they can find you.

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