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7 Expertise to Look Out for When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

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When you need a personal injury lawyer, you are likely reeling from a traumatic or stressful event that has left you with an injury, damaged property, or emotional distress. You are deserving of the best possible lawyer to counsel you and advocate for the best settlement. When hiring a lawyer, you want an expert in the field. There are several characteristics to consider when seeking a personal injury lawyer.

1. Professionalism

Most personal injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation. This allows the lawyer to learn the facts of your case and for you to become acquainted with the lawyer. Professionalism requires that the lawyer be courteous, take a genuine interest in the facts of your case, be compassionate about your plight and make no guarantees about the outcome of the case. There should be no hype, sales pitches, or exaggerated promises. No lawyer can guarantee an outcome. He can only assure the client that he will offer the best representation possible. This is also the time to trust your hunches about the lawyer. Don’t hire a lawyer if it doesn’t “feel right.”

2. Licensed

The attorney should be licensed to practice law in the jurisdiction where the case is filed. This is essential should the case need to go to trial. If a lawyer is able and willing to go to trial, insurance companies are more likely to settle for a higher amount to avoid a trial. Ideally, the lawyer should also have a record of having gone to trial for personal injury cases.

3. Experience in Your Particular Issue

If you have suffered injuries from a car accident, you don’t want to hire a lawyer who primarily handles medical malpractice cases. Seek a lawyer who has a strong background in the actual type of claim that you are making. Personal injury lawyers may vary in their background experience with different types of claims. Personal injury law covers dog bites, car accidents, medical malpractice, motorcycle accidents, to name a few. Generally, a lawyer who has dedicated his practice to a specific subset of personal injury law has the knowledge, skills and experience to effectively advocate for the client.

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4. History of Success

A lawyer’s reputation and record of success are helpful indicators of his knowledge and ability to effectively advocate for you. Look for a lawyer who has a strong record of successfully representing their clients. Such a lawyer will put forth the best effort to maximize compensation.

5. Listens to the Client

As your agent, your lawyer is responsible for listening to your needs and desired outcomes. The initial consultation will be a first indicator of how well the lawyer listens to you and values your concerns. However, throughout the progress of your case, the lawyer must maintain the same capacity to listen to your input. Remember, the lawyer is working for YOU.

6. Advises and Informs that Client

A personal injury lawyer informs you about all the possible claims that you can make based on the facts of your case. These may include the obvious monetary loss due to property damage or physical injuries; however, there are less obvious damages due to emotional distress and money lost due to temporary or permanent unemployment as a result of your injuries. An expert lawyer will be able to optimize the likelihood for receiving compensation by addressing all possible claims and by gathering and preserving evidence. After skilled negotiations, settlement offers will be made, and your attorney will help you evaluate the pros and cons of those offers. During the entire progress of your case, a competent lawyer will keep you informed while listening to your concerns. He is responsible for providing expert counsel while deferring to your preferences. You should never feel forced to accept a settlement against your wishes.

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7. Will Use Expert Witnesses if Needed

A dedicated personal injury lawyer will be willing and able to secure expert witnesses should your case demand it. An expert witness helps detail the causal link between the event and your injuries or damages to property.

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