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Why are Link Building and Backlinking Essential to Improve Ranking and Traffic?

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Link Building is an SEO Off Page technique whose purpose is to get Google to discover your website and increase interest in it. It works through the generation of backlinks agency or incoming links.

The concept is easy: it is about creating a network with the largest number of links pointing to your website, from other quality pages. Today, valuable content and relevant links created through long-term Link Building strategies that focus on creating links naturally replace bad practices aimed at manipulating the classification of a website, which used to work in the past and that Google now considers as a violation of its guidelines.

Link building is a great excuse to create publications with solid content as a true leader in your industry. The visitors, attracted by the quality of the content, will be interested in browsing the rest of the web, the reference traffic will increase and the conversion rates will be increased by the transmission of additional confidence in the brand. 

It is an ideal strategy to build fruitful relationships with other brands and to establish successful win-win relationships with influential people in the field of your industry and the market in which you operate. It paves the land for future collaborations of interest to both parties. And in addition, a simple link can put in contact a company and a consumer without the contribution of search engine rankings.

To work on link building it is important to have a database of the most prominent and related sites. Then we will be contacting them cordially to propose mentions and exchanges of links, to strengthen both your reputation and continue to attract visits to your sites.

Google values ​​very positively the number of links that you register from a website or blog. This is a sign of popularity and prestige. That’s why the more links there are to your site, the greater the visibility you get. Linkbuilding is a form of advertising that offers a presence to a website. This helps in increasing the number of visitors considerably. 

To enjoy the benefits of link building, there are some parameters that should be followed as follows:

Diversity: you should try that not all links come from the same domain. There should be a practice of diversity in terms of the websites that link to your company’s site.

Quality: it is preferable to have a few links, but they are really worth it. Google will detect if your website links to poor sites in terms of content.

Quantity: in this case, the more links you have, the better for your company’s site. But remember that their quality must be your priority when making link building. 

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