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How to Grow Your Online Presence: A Pros Guide

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‘Get online’, ‘everyone has a website these days’, ‘get on social media’, these are all things you’ll hear as business advice over the last decade or so and it’s not wrong but what it doesn’t do is give you advice on how to grow your online presence once you have that presence? So let’s look at how to not just have social media accounts, websites and other online presence but to make them get as much attention, and ultimately sales for your business.

Conduct A Competitor Analysis

Conduct a competitor analysis to find out who gets the most Google hits, well you can easily see who ranks 1st on Google for various searches, say you run a cleaning business in Denver, just type cleaner in Denver and see how you rank, and who is doing better than you, try to analyze what they are doing differently from you? You can also check their social media accounts and see how many followers they have, what they post and how these posts are engaged with by the people, in ways of likes, comments, and shares.

Make Sure Your SEO Is Done Professionally

If you can find a real SEO company that can significantly increase your search engine ranking then they will be worth it even though they may seem expensive. Make sure they know what theyare doing, check out companies they have done work for as it’s easy to check the effectiveness by seeing where these companies rank and even check the SEO firm’s website as this will show if they really are as good as they claim.

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Consider Online Promotions

Why not consider online promotions to bring new customers to your business, everyone likes a discount or a giveaway, and even a few more sales can be helpful if it’s on top of your usual sales achievements. These can be done via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or even via your own website easily.

Do You Use Your Social Media Accounts Regularly & Wisely

It’s important to use your social media accounts regularly as otherwise why have them? Different levels of posting are recommended for the different platforms, Twitter is generally the one that needs the most posts as a Tweet has a comparatively short period of time it will be seen compared to Instagram or even more so Facebook, so multiple Tweets are recommended in a day whereas posting one Facebook post might be enough. No matter how often you do post the golden rule is quality over quantity, there’s no point in posting if it of low quality or is irrelevant.

Are You Capitalizing On Your Online Presence?

Lastly, are you capitalizing on all exposure you are getting from your online sources? If not then it is really a wasted effort, be sure that you are replying to social media comments and queries and dealing with emails promptly as any significant delay could be costing the potential sales that the online work has created.


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