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When Can a Woman Not Get Pregnant? – A Guide to Safe Pregnancy

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Are you thinking of starting a family soon? But didn’t get pregnant after several tries? Don’t let infertility myths eat up your will. Instead, go through our guide on “When can a Woman Not Get Pregnant”? Avoid all those causes, and start your way to safe pregnancy.

You might know that our lifestyle has a massive influence on conceiving. Each woman has a different body structure and altered hormone secretion. So the generic way of getting pregnant is never going to heal every woman. But yes, you must avoid a few things to welcome the new member in your family. Scroll through to know more.

When can a Woman Not Get Pregnant?

Know about the sever causes behind restricting your pregnancy. Strictly maintain a routine to avoid those.

Behavioral Factors responsible to Restrict Pregnancy

Changes in lifestyle or an improper lifestyle push you towards infertility. But your lifestyle is in your hand. You can change it anytime for good causes, right? Well, let’s have a look at all those bad habits that you must avoid.


1. Stress

Have you ever hard “Relax, It will happen” while telling your friend that you are “trying.” If yes, then its the ultimate key! When you get stressed, your adrenal system faces a hit that forces your body to say, “No, it’s not the time.” But if you relax and don’t put much pressure on your body as well as your mind, you are going to conceive soon.

Many women think that taking off from work may help in relaxing. But technically, that doesn’t help at all! It just puts an extra burden on you, like yes, you have to do it! So, better you don’t alter your daily routine and try focusing on meditation or exercise to eliminate stress.

Sleep Deprived

2. Sleep Deprived

If you put your time, resources, and everything on your work, then it’s obvious you will be sleep deprived. Lack of required sleep only gives you extra stress. Even it affects your immune system to that extent that minor bacteria or viruses cause major infections.

It harms your pregnancy in every possible way. You may always feel anxious; even your body cycle faces interruption. On many occasions, periods get delayed because of this issue. You might mistake it as a sign of pregnancy, but it’s not!

Nowadays, obesity is like bread and butter for every home, well, we will say whoever lacks to maintain the fitness regime, fails on the trap of obesity. When it’s about pregnancy, an unnourished body can’t ovulate properly ever. If any woman is losing weight rapidly, then her body is not ready for conceiving.

On the other hand, if any woman gains weight fast, then there are vast chances of infertility. Only the proper diet and exercise can keep your reproductive system alive.

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4. Cycle Confusion

Most of the women don’t have a clear idea about their own cycle. The period cycle is different for each woman. Some have a cycle of 28 days, some 30 days, even lots of women have a sequence of 35 days. Doctors’ say a woman ovulates before 2 weeks of her period. But most of the people think ovulation occurs after 14 or 15 days of the period.

Because of the miscalculation, many women can’t conceive. If you start having sex at the time of ovulation, there are higher chances of getting pregnant. So, it’s a must thing to track your cycle and try for a baby according to that.

5. Smoking

Smoking has a massive impact on men and women, both while trying to have a baby. Cigarette smoking reduces sperm count in men and increases the chance of miscarriage in women. Also, the possibility of premature birth, or babies with low-birth-weight increases rapidly.

When you are planning a family, stop smoking, and make your partner stop smoking.

6. Alcohol

Alcohol has the potentiality to restrict your pregnancy, just like smoking. It has the same effect on the sperm count of men. For women, it increases the basal body temperature, which doesn’t let the fetus attach with the womb. Instead, it drains the fetus in the form of the period.

7. Drugs

Drugs like anabolic or marijuana reduce the sperm count in men body as well. Sever retardations or kidney problems can happen when you intake cocaine at the time of pregnancy. Stop taking all these toxins and say hello to a healthy life.

Besides these behavioral factors, several internal causes or diseases influence your pregnancy. Have a look.

8. Abnormal Ovulation

Many women have an ovulatory disorder that leads to infertility. A failed or delayed ovulation harms getting pregnant. But don’t worry, because 70% of women with abnormal ovulation has been treated with proper medicines. The reasons for a failed ovulation are as follows.

9. Hormonal Imbalance

When you ovulate an egg releases from your ovary, and it makes your way to pregnancy. The whole process solely depends on a complex hormonal balance. When your ovary fails to release the egg, it’s called Anovulation. The hormonal imbalance mainly causes this.

However, a few more issues are there that arises because of the hormonal problems.

1. Fail to produce matured eggs

Fail to produce matured eggs

A mature egg is important to make you fertile. Due to anovulation, lack of regular follicles increases, and eggs don’t get enough support to get matured. Furthermore, 90% of women suffer from Polycystic ovary syndrome. This is also a significant issue for making the chance of fertilization nonexistent.

2. Hypothalamus Malfunction

FSH and LH Hormones

Hypothalamus is the major portion of the brain that sends signals to your pituitary gland for the secretion of FSH and LH hormones. These hormones nurture your egg and help in maturing. When the hypothalamus stops working correctly, as a result, immature egg releases. Almost 20% of women have an ovarian failure because of this.

3. Damaged Ovaries

If you have gone through several surgeries or if there is any internal damage in your ovary, it can’t release the egg properly. Even, the follicles can’t help eggs to get matured. Besides, if you have any internal infection, there is very less probability of getting pregnant.

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4. Follicle Issue

Unruptured follicle syndrome is another problem to force you to infertility. This occurs in those women who produce healthy follicle keeping an egg inside. But this follicle fails to rupture, so it remains inside the ovary, and ovulation doesn’t occur.

5. Premature Menopause

If any woman has ceased mensuration before the usual age, the process of conceiving gets restricted. When the natural supply of eggs or follicles get depleted, this situation occurs in most cases.

Not only the abnormal ovulation but also poorly functioning Fallopian Tubes can cause women infertility.

What Causes Female Infertility – Know more about it

1. Malfunction of Fallopian Tubes

Fallopian tubes are as essential as ovary to exhilarate your pregnancy. 25% of the women have a tubal disease which creates complications in pregnancy and leads your way to infertility. However, this is curable as a 65% success rate is there. You just have to undergo surgery to be fertile again. Principal causes behind the tubal damage are as follows.

2. Abdominal Diseases

If you have appendicitis or colitis, then inflammation of your abdominal cavity results in blockage of the fallopian tube.

3. Infection

Both of the bacteria and viruses are responsible for the infection. The specific type of infections transmits from sexual activities. If there is an infection in your uterus, it harms your fallopian tube as well.

4. Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy

This type of pregnancy occurs when the fetus attaches itself within the fallopian tube instead of the womb. Ectopic pregnancy can be treated easily, but it may cause severe tubal damage, which is a life-threatening condition.

5. Previous Surgeries

If you have undergone pelvic or abdominal surgery before then, there is a high chance of altering tubes. Thus, eggs can’t find the proper way to release.

All these above causes can be treated with your doctor’s safe hand. You can conceive again.

Few more Words on – When can a Woman Not Get Pregnant?

We have already shared all the details about What Causes Female Infertility? Now, it’s time to share the secret of getting pregnant with you. Firstly, it’s all about the proper timing. You ovulate before 2 weeks of your period. This time is crucial for you. 5 days before ovulation body prepares itself for releasing the mature egg and make you conceive.

Once the egg releases, it remains alive for the next 24 hours. You have to have sex within these 24 hours to fertilize the egg. Also, you can make intercourse a few days before ovulation. Sperm remains alive in your vaginal canal for 5 to 7 days. So there is a high possibility of getting pregnant at this time. You have to observe your cycle properly and track it.  Thus you will know about the ideal time to get pregnant.

Wrapping Up

You got the full scoop of When can a Woman Not Get Pregnant? Now, try avoiding all those habits. Remove all the obstacles from the path of your safe pregnancy. For further query, you can drop a comment below. We will definitely make your way to happy parenting!

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