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What to expect and when to see gynecologist?

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The fear of a gynecologist visit is widespread, especially if it is the first visit to the gynecologist. The idea of ​​the examination itself and the famous gynecologist’s chair causes discomfort, and feelings of shame also play a role. The position on the chair makes you feel at home. This can lead to cramps, not only in the stomach, but also in the genital area.


What happens at the gynecologist?

First, a detailed conversation between doctor and patient should take place. Questions are asked about the medical history or previous operations and illnesses.

The course of the conversation is certainly individual and depends on your choice of gynecologist, for this, you should potentially check out the recommended list of  doctors/consults in your area, i.e. for me Alpharetta OB GYN proved to be the best all the time in my city (North Atlanta), the patient and also on the situation. In order for the doctor to be able to form a comprehensive picture, information on sexual behavior is also necessary. Very young girls need not be afraid of that, because the conversation can, of course, be conducted on request without the presence of the mother. Do not forget: The doctor is under secrecy!

First examination at the gynecologist

It is important that at the first visit to OB GYN  in Alpharetta, explains what is being done before the examination. If the doctor fails to do so, the patient can contact him and ask him to explain the steps. In addition to the explanations, some doctors also use anatomical drawings or models to show how the steps are going. This gives you a better idea of ​​what happens during the examination process.

First, the doctor looks at the external genitals to detect any existing skin lesions, external infections or the like. Then the vagina and cervix are examined. For this, the scabbard must be deployed with two instruments (specula) – these resemble curved spoons. This process is a bit uncomfortable, especially if you are very cramped and the air stops.


Often there is also an ultrasound examination through the vagina . It complements the previous investigation. By ultrasound OB GYN can see the structure of the uterus, the mucous membrane, the cycle phase or other structures. Important is the evaluation of the ovaries, which is more accurate with ultrasound.

Breast exam

The breast examination will take place either before or after the gynecological examination. This means that you do not need to stand completely naked in front of the doctor, but it can be exposed first the breast and then the genitals. If you are not completely naked, you do not feel quite so exposed. 


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Final conversation

After the examination, an assessment should be made in a conversation. Depending on what the investigation has revealed, the necessary therapy is discussed or prescribed the appropriate contraceptive (pill, three-month injection, etc.), if the prevention was the reason for the visit to the doctor.

In general, the gynecologist should take a lot of time for his patient on the first visit to ensure a good contact, so that the young girls / women feel well. This can also be demanded as a patient from the OB GYN. It is helpful if one considers before the visit Alpharetta, what one wants to ask the doctor.


When should the first visit take place? 

Girls should go to a gynecologist

  • If there is a need for a consultation (even without examination)
  • If you want to learn about contraceptive methods
  • If you want to use hormonal contraceptives (eg pill)
  • If a pregnancy is suspected
  • If until the 16th year of age has not used any menstrual period
  • For severe menstrual pain, for intermenstrual bleeding or for pain in the abdomen
  • In case of unusual discharge (altered odor or change color).

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