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What is Yoga and 8 Limbs of Yoga

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What is Yoga and 8 Limbs of Yoga

The Yoga is a Meditation to make your Mind, Body and Soul feel Relaxed; Yoga is the only process that let you connect to with your Inner soul with spiritual world.

For sure there are thousands of Yoga Asanas with different Postures, With Breathing Techniques, and the Meditation with Relaxation.



From almost the record 5,000 years, The history of yoga, Those Periods Of “yoga” has went through enough, till present days of subculture, and had also made dramatically changing and therefore replaced loincloth to the leotard and as well as the leggings.

The Yoga came into the Light from the period of The Golden Age, Almost about 26,000 years before. Therefore has consequently impacted on the lot of lives who are in search for Inner Peace and freedom, peace of Mind and soul.

Yoga has become renowned for the basis of exercises of based Yoga Asanas, there can be the (Physical poses) to improve gain the control over Your mind as well as on body Parts.


The Word of “Yoga” has been derived from the Sanskrit root (YUJ )
means To be part of Unity.”
Only few fellows can take this to Accept and intend this kind of
union thoughts and its entire frame.


While Practicing Yoga Asanas You Will, Move One step closer to Supreme Meditation, Yoga defines as having the 8 branches or limbs:

The 8 Limbs Of Yoga

1: Yama : The moral of standards and to feel the integrity
2: Niyama : The Self Discipline and The spiritual and The religious and observances
3: Asana : The integration of thoughts and body through, that bodily interest
4: Pranayama : The regulation of the breath main to the integration of thoughts and the body
5: Pratyhara : The withdrawal of senses and belief, and The external world and out of yhe doors stimuli
6: Dharana : The awareness, and The one, pointedness of the thoughts
7: Dhyana : The meditation or a contemplation, an uninterrupted glide of attention
8: Samadhi : The quiet state of A glad awareness

Few however most significant things that every people is also suffering, through Neck Pain, Back Pain, Lower Back Pain, Disc Problem’s, Parayalisis, pressure Pressure, stress Problem’s, growing balance, Less Labour Pain.

  • That is the manifest of signs that together with the strain, lethargy, or poor digestion Stomachs.
  • The theory of Asanas is Used to improve and come over for all things as mentioned above
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These Postures are useful to every of your physical and mental and also for religious Believes, there are such Blessings, We have mentioned only few Blessings that will useful for You if you are suffering from those problems mentioned above.

If You want to search for proofs, then wait You will Discover ton’s of proof, easiest way is YouTube.

You can also recommend pregnant women to require taking yoga coaching categories for Later Pregnancy and Less Labor Pain.

It wants your to take whole Dedication for achieve to the highest Level of Yoga Guru’s, On alternative aspect anyone will be a part of the yoga for being a yoga Practicer, or Yoga Student.

You can join [Yoga schools] and Learn form Yoga Instructors Like [ Chaten Yogi Mehash Ji ], he is the founder of *[ Yoga Teacher Training Goa schools ]* like IYM, AYM, BYS and other Yoga Schools at Goa and Reshikesh.

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