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Types Of Lung Cancer And It’s Treatment Process

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The starting point of a lung cancer is from the lung. It first affects tissues of the lung. A group of malignant or cancerous tissues formed in lungs is called a tumor. It starts to destroy the others good healthy cells of the lungs. It then starts to spread. To the other parts of the body. This process is known as metastasizing. When it stays within the lungs, is called lung cancer.

Our lung is a part of our respiratory system. It helps us to breathe. If we take a heart, it has covered both sides of the heart. A lung is a part of a chest. The right and the left lung have 3 and 2 parts respectively. The parts of the right lung are known as lobes. Size wise the smaller lung is left one. There is a thin cover over the lung, called pleura. It a protecting layer of the lung. A lung is cushioned.

Sometimes the change of the lung cells stop automatically and starts to behave normally. This change is non-cancerous and a tumor can form like- hamartoma and papilloma. But if the cells behave abnormally and start to increase out of control, then the change is an early sign of cancer. If you are really looking for a better cancer center you should visit Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals which is the best cancer hospital in Kolkata providing world-class cancer treatment.

Different Types of Lung Cancer:

Lung cancers are also known as bronchogenic. Carcinomas because they start from the bronchi inside the lungs. Medical science can be classified as lung cancers mainly in two parts – small cell lung cancers (SCLC) and non-small cell lung cancers (NSCLC). This division is based on the nature of tumor cells. The size of the cell and the behavior of cells are the two most important factors. The spreading process of these two is different and the procedure to make this cure is also different for these two.

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Apart from these two, there are many types of lungs cancer have been detected. They are less common than these two types (SCLC and NSCLC). These are:

  • Bronchial carcinoids – This type of lung cancer can find very few near about 5%. In this type, the tumor of the cells is grown up to 3-4cms. This type of lung cancer unrelated to smoking.
  • Lung cancer can begin from its supportive tissues too. The abnormal behavior of the supporting cells of lung tissues such as smooth muscle, blood vessels and the cells which protect lungs, sometimes may cause lung cancer.

Early Symptoms of Lung Cancer

  1. Face a constant or a chronic cough.
  2. Blood in the sputum
  3. repeated respiratory disease.
  4. Massive chest pain
  5. Weight loss
  6. Difficulties in breathing

Various types of lung cancer treatment in India now available-

  • Small cell lung cancer: When it has started to already spread Chemotherapy is the best way since surgery is not safe this time.
  • Non-small cell lung cancer: According to the stage of cancer surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy all can be done.
  • Surgery: If it is in stage 1 or 2 then it is possible to make it cure by doing surgery.
  • Chemotherapy: It is a process to die extra cells. It damages the protein and DNA level of cells. Cells started to shrink and die.
  • Radiation- To shrink or destroy the extra cells or cancerous tumors, strong high energy rays have passed through on the infected areas.
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